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How to earn money with CyberGhost VPN

If you manage a travel-oriented location, tourist attraction or any other brick-and-mortar business that offers free WiFi services, join the CyberGhost Safe WiFi Project and earn up to $50 for each new CyberGhost Premium purchase.

Here’s how the CyberGhost Safe WiFi Project works:

  1. Create an account on our website in just 10 minutes.
  2. Place an announcement on your free WiFi landing page and start making money immediately.
  3. To maximize your profit even further, place printed promotional materials about CyberGhost in your location, in whichever form you prefer.

And that’s it! You will be rewarded with up to 50$ for every purchase of a CyberGhost subscription.

It really can’t get any easier to keep clients happy and safe, while also earning a profitable commission for your business. Join the risk-free CyberGhost Safe WiFi Project!

Are you receiving the “CyberGhost service unreachable” message?

Hey there, Ghosties!

A magic blog fairy told us that some of you are reaching our blog upon searching “CyberGhost service unreachable”.

Although we wish we could use our magic to guess exactly why you are receiving this message in your CyberGhost app,  our tech-savvy colleagues from Support will most likely have a solution for you. But before contacting them directly, we advise you to browse through our Help Center here. Use the same link to very easily get in touch with the Support team via the Live Chat widget.

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