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Use LinkNYC wireless public network from New York in a secured way
Malicious websites and phishing? Not on CyberGhost’s watch
Block ads with CyberGhost’s new & exciting features
Why Android Malware is worse than you thought
Easily Unblock these Netflix-style Websites With A VPN
India blocks 857 adult websites in an attempt to prevent children from accessing them
BestVPN Independence Day Competition

Use LinkNYC wireless public network from New York in a secured way


Credit: The Verge

New Yorkers have a new subject to talk about!

A network of Wi-Fi public hubs will replace over 7,500 pay phones across the entire New York with new street hubs called Links.

The first Links were launched, and there are many more to come, helping more than 8 million people to connect to the fastest and free metropolitan Wi-Fi.

Even more, according to PC magazine, the speed of these Wi-Fi’s is really super fast, gigabite internet, faster than Starbucks they say, so whatch out, Starbucks.

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Malicious websites and phishing? Not on CyberGhost’s watch


Hey Ghosties!

We hope you’ve been enjoying CyberGhost 5.5 these past weeks and also that you’ve been having a blast testing our new features: the powerful ad blocker, the smart data compressor, and the vigilant malicious content detector.

This article is the last installment in our “CyberGhost 5.5 new features” series and it’s here to tell you how we protect you against malicious websites and phishing attempts.

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Block ads with CyberGhost’s new & exciting features

CG 5.5

The wait is over, Ghosties!

Our newest & coolest update is here and it’s spectacular. Just download CyberGhost 5.5 and see for yourself!

We’ve added some amazing features that mark CyberGhost’s growth from a VPN service to an all-in-one online privacy and security solution.

[CyberGhost] 5.5 now integrates an ad blocker, protection against malware and viruses, online tracking prevention, data compression, and forced use of the HTTPS protocol while surfing the web.

CyberGhost 5.5 has a built-in ad blocker that gets rid of all annoying ads for you, no matter the… Click to Tweet

Starting today, we’ll tell you all about these great additions to our service, beginning with our shiny & new ad blocker feature.

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Why Android Malware is worse than you thought

The future will not only be about thinner, faster, and bendable smartphones, but it will definitely also be about security and bigger online threats.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you don’t need to take photos anymore because Google will simply choose the best pictures from a live stream of the day’s events just to make your life easier.

Soon you won’t even need to decide what to eat, your Android phone will know exactly what you need and what you like, showing you the most suitable foods for your age. So long decision paralysis, right?


But there’s so much hype around the future of Android that we forget to see the obvious threats, the alarmingly increasing number of Android malware, and the criminal activities carried out on smartphones.

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Easily Unblock these Netflix-style Websites With A VPN


Whether we live in a democratic or nondemocratic country, a lot of us often get this frustrating message: “This content is not available in your country.”

So it’s obvious that we are not all equal when it comes to accessing content from countries like the U.K and the US.

You must have seen this type of image more times than you can count. The quick and easy solution is using a VPN to unblock geo-restricted websites such as Hulu and Netflix.

You just have to change your IP with one located in the country where the site you want to access is not blocked. So if you want to watch Netflix US, just connect to a server in the US; if you want access to BBC iPlayer, connect to a server in the UK and so on.

To unblock websites with CyberGhost, all you have to do is create a CyberGhost account – it takes less than a minute – and then connect to one of our 500 secured servers located all over the world. More info on how to use CyberGhost.

Below, we put together a list of the most popular websites you can unblock with CyberGhost.

Here are the most popular sites you can unblock with CyberGhost! Click to Tweet

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India blocks 857 adult websites in an attempt to prevent children from accessing them


In a move that stems from a totally legitimate concern – children have free access to adult websites – India’s department of telecommunications made a decision that managed not only to enrage its citizens, but also create heated debate regarding civil liberties and personal freedom by banning 857 such sites.

Casting a really wide net in this effort to clean up the Internet and “protect India’s cultural fabric,” as one official stated, the country has also banned popular sites 9gag and CollegeHumor for their not-suitable-for-children content.

Of course, as it often happens in cases like this, the #PornBan quickly became little more than a Twitter hashtag used to make jokes or condemn/criticize the Indian government, because Indians are now using proxy servers or free VPNs to bypass the ban and access the 857 websites again.

With its Free version, CyberGhost is one of the VPNs that India’s citizens are using to reclaim their civil liberties and enjoy an Internet without bans or restrictions.


Photo credit: expertreviews.co.uk

BestVPN Independence Day Competition

Our friends from Best VPN relaunched their website this weekend, on 4th of July.To mark this event they organized a competition, Independence Day Competition, together with a number of VPN providers, including CyberGhost.


Since CyberGhost stands for privacy and freedom, we decided to join this competition, and offer a celebrating discount of 50%.

If you enter Best VPN’s competition you have the chance to win a 13″ MacBook Air, or 5 Premium VPN accounts, including one from CyberGhost. You can find more details about the competition here.

Good luck everyone!

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