Help us build the first NSA-proof #NoSpyProxy!

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We have successfully managed to ensure privacy, security and complete anonymity for more than 3.7 million users all over the world so far and a year after the Snowden leaks, it is well known that encryption is the most efficient way to do so. Now, shortly after our third anniversary, we’re planning to take things to the next level.7 Secured_in_Europe_By_CyberGhost_web

We set up an Indiegogo Campaign and we need your help to raise €100000 in order to build our own data center out of NSA’s reach. CyberGhost wants to have full control over the level of security they offer and they are turning to their users and privacy enthusiasts everywhere in order to do so.

“After the recent revelation attesting that Tor has been insecure for at least 5 months, due to a group of relays that have joined the network, presumably trying to deanonymize the users, it is clear that the physical control over the nodes is also very important to keep eavesdroppers at bay. If there is a point when it becomes clear why we are building our own NSA-proof proxy nodes, then this is certainly it.”, said Robert Knapp, our friend, colleague and CEO.

We have plenty of perks in store for its backers ranging from highly discounted Premium Plus, 1 year, instant access subscription to business and lifetime subscriptions.

Check our campaign at, donate or simply spread the word!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #nospyproxy and you can be part of something great!




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3 Comments on "Help us build the first NSA-proof #NoSpyProxy!"

1 year 5 months ago

Without any technical information on how it will be different from a normal data cluster, this is just a marketing gimmick?

CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea

Hi there! We mentioned in our campaign the main difference: we eliminate the middle man between us and the datacenters and we will have total control over the #NoSpyProxy Datacenter from our Headquarters in Bucharest. Basically is an extra layer of security and privacy. Thanks for the question. Cheers!

1 year 5 months ago

Since these NoSpyProxy servers are added to the free server pool, won’t that make them more secure than the current server in the premium pool?


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