Why a VPN should be your best friend online

We live in turbulent times. Back in the day, the Internet was created to be enjoyed equally by anyone, from anywhere in the world. Nowadays, “this content is not available in your country” keeps popping up more and more often.

Furthermore, what we do online seems to have become everybody else’s business. While we do not like it when neighbors eavesdrop on our conversations, we should be just as bothered if someone, be it our Internet Service Provider, the government or a hacker, is looking into our private data.

If you connect to public WiFis a lot, your most private personal data, such as mail or credit card credentials, can be stolen in mere minutes.

Did you know that there’s a way to stop others from spying on you and access restricted content?

It’s called a VPN, it stands for Virtual Private Network and it is a technology used to add security and anonymity to private and public networks, like WiFi hotspots and the Internet.

Basically, what a VPN does is hide your IP and fully encrypt your Internet connection, so that nobody else has access to your online activity.

More advanced VPNs, such as CyberGhost, also allow you to choose the country you want to be assigned an IP from. Like this, you will be able to access content that is restricted in your region – such as your favorite music, TV or sports shows, series, torrents, games etc.

The 1-click path to digital freedom

Tried and tested by over 10 million around the world, CyberGhost VPN is the all-in-one online privacy app, with a predefined and dedicated profile for any online need you, as a digital citizen, may have: public WiFi protection, social media unblock, access to geo-restricted streaming content, anonymous torrenting, hackproof digital payments and so much more.

In a nutshell, here is why CyberGhost VPN should be your app of choice for digital privacy and unrestricted access to global content:

  1. IP change within seconds – upon installation, online privacy is one click/tap away.
  2. Unrestricted access to blocked content – YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and many others become accessible to those affected by censorship.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth – unlike other VPN companies, CyberGhost has no limit on the amount of data used.
  4. Virtually unbreakable technology – The data you send will be encrypted using the 256-AES bit technology. It might take someone thousands of years to hack into your data.
  5. Fast and easy installation – The CyberGhost apps are easy and free to download, install and use. Setup and configuration are done automatically, within minutes.
  6. Multi-platform apps – there’s a dedicated CyberGhost app for Android, ios, Windows and Mac devices.

Get access to all these benefits and more with a Premium CyberGhost subscription.

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Corina Dobre
Corina Dobre

A professional wordsmith, Corina has improved her writing skills through extensive experiences in journalism, advertising and marketing. Curious by nature, she enjoys learning foreign languages and discovering everything, as well as everyone around her.

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