What are the most dangerous digital threats that lie ahead in 2018?

Most of us look to the future with optimism. Or better said, we hope for the best. That includes cyber security threats, which means we hope these will be fewer and less vulnerable. Unfortunately, though, odds are that the situation will be quite the opposite.

We don’t mean to stir any panic; we just want to get you prepared for what security specialists believe it will come.

Here are the main 5 predictions for 2018 in terms of digital threats:

  1. Takeover of chat-bots bound to draw hackers

Chat-bots have become such a thing that numerous businesses have adopted these versatile and useful tools. Think about how many websites have integrated chat-bots to schedule meetings, provide customer support and so on.

Chances are more companies will implement chatbots, but this will create a perfect medium for online hackers. They could impersonate users and compromise the bot services in phishing schemes and social engineering hacks.

  1. Rise in online travel and booking frauds

The hospitality and tourism industry are one of the largest and richest worldwide.

Hackers know that so naturally, they take advantage of it. Travel data gives online fraudsters access to passport and credit card numbers, home addresses and contact details, and even family and personal preferences or confidential business activities. Truly, a serious risk since most of us make online travel reservations.

  1. Ransomware attacks will evolve

Now this is not really mind-blowing, is it? Over the last years, ransomware attacks have escalated so it’s no surprise these are likely to be front-page news next year as well. In 2017, WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit were notorious ransomware attacks, among several others.

Apparently, for 2018, security experts predict more ransomware attacks and they believe many will target patient care or patient data, so health care companies should be aware!

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  1. Cryptocurrencies phishing scams nearly at the beginning

Currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum created a lot of buzz in 2017. During the last month in particular, Bitcoins have been highly monitored not just by investors, but by scammers as well. The value of Bitcoins increased heavily in just a few days, so scammers carried out a grand phishing attack.

Nevertheless, people will continue to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. And since this could become a trend, hackers will seize any opportunity, especially if it involves large amounts of money.

  1. 2018 could be a challenging year for the IoT industry

The industry of IoT devices is continually rising. It seems more IoT tools will be created to support businesses, particularly in retail and healthcare. However, industries that invest in these devices don’t always take into consideration the security and privacy systems within them. This leads to an increase in DDoS attacks.

Based on a report from security firm Corero, the number of DDoS attacks doubled in the first half of 2017 due to unsecured IoT.

These are just a few online risks, but online security experts claim there will also be an increase in mobile phone scams, fake news, gaming infections and (although not a digital threat in the classical sense), cyberbullying.

How can you protect yourself from future online risks?

Ok, this is no good news, I know. Who wants to hear that the year to come is probably going to be worse than the one that is just about to pass?

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In one word, you’re guaranteed to have complete online privacy!

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Happy holidays!

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