Ride the wave of the free web with CyberGhost Premium Plus – now 50% off

Online protection does not have to come at great cost. That is why the Surf Anonymously profile is free at CyberGhost, allowing you to to browse the web without being tracked online.

However, there is more to our VPN than just that. Our Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions safeguard your online protection and security through a multitude of means, which you can now unlock at half price, thanks to our Web Surfer’s Delight campaign, this summer’s source of VPN coupons.


Get the truly complete #VPN solution with a 50% discount. #CyberGhost Premium costs 50% less. Limited offer.… Click to Tweet

Go Premium for only $2.91 per month (instead of $5.83) and you will get:

  • Extra speed thanks to 5x faster servers
  • Apps for Android and iOS, included
  • No annoying ads
  • Access to more than 600 servers in 30 countries
  • Mobile data cost reduction through data compression

When the weather’s fine, we got web surfin’ on our minds! Get #CyberGhost Premium #VPN for a 50% #discount.… Click to Tweet

Reach for even more with Premium Plus, now for $4.58 instead of $9.16:

  • All Premium features mentioned above on up to 5 devices

Pay half for full benefits and take your online protection to the next level with CyberGhost, the truly complete VPN solution.

Join our Web Surfer’s Delight campaign here, until August 31st, and get your VPN coupons to enjoy the perks of a free & safe web!

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Corina Dobre
Corina Dobre

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  • Please include an option to disable the free offers; the pop up window is annoying and I am not interested in them. I suspect other users may feel the same. If I want the premium service, I will purchase it from the website; I don’t need a pop-up window to remind me of the offer every time I start the application.

    • Hi Sev,

      Thank you for your feedback. We will surely consider it. However, there are users interested in our Premium product as well, seeking a better price to purchase CyberGhost at. We have to consider these Ghosties too and it’s hard to guess what everyone has in mind. 🙂

      However, the 50% campaign is drawing close to an end, so soon it will not bug you any longer. We cannot promise that we will not have any other offers in the future though and it’s important for people to find out about these. Users are not always checking our website, but they are connecting to our app, so sometimes it’s easier for us to communicate with them there.

      Thank you for using our product and please always give us your feedback! We will do our best to never be too aggressive with our pop-ups. 🙂

    • Hi Francis,

      We are very happy that your like our product and really appreciate the review that you linked us to.

      As far as the pop-ups are concerned, we will take both your and Sev’s feedback into account for our future campaigns. As you noticed, however, they are a common practice for informing our users about our latest promos.


  • How do i get rid of this popup. Everytime i start the computer its there, every day telling me i have 6 days left and counting down to take advantage of this limited offer. Its been telling me 6 days and counting for months.

    How do i disable this feature

    • Hello! For the moment this cannot be disabled. That pop-up is reactivated every 7 days so the count down starts again after 7 days. These pop-ups are very useful for us because they allow us to keep a high quality free service. CyberGhost is a transparent company and this is how we grow and sustain our business: by having premium features available for users that want to buy them. So such information is useful for certain people. We apologize for any inconvenience it might cause you and we’re working on a better solution in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Hi, Tom! CyberGhost is free so no one is forced into buying anything. This is just a promotion for those who would like to buy our Premium subscription but found it too expensive at full price or couldn’t afford it. Despite of these offers CyberGhost remains free without restrictions. Thanks!

  • Hi
    I would like to take the offer of 50% off but every time I go to check out it replaces the offer with the full price for 5 devices, any help would be appriciated

    • Hi, Dan! The offer that is mentioned in this blog post is no longer available. Is this the 50% offer you were trying to buy or a different one? We’d love to help you, but we need more details. Thanks for your message!

        • Hi & thank you for clarifying this, Dan! We are looking into the matter with our colleagues from the Sales department and will return with an answer asap, to see exactly why this happened to you. Cheers!

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