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As you know, we want to keep everything as transparent as possible so we can keep providing high-quality services which you can trust.

Because we care about our users’ privacy, we don’t keep logs and we don’t give any kind of information about our users to our service providers and collaborators. Some data centers are having a hard time coping with this policy so we had to end our collaboration with one data center. This means that we have to give up 13 servers located in U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, the decision needs to be put in place starting 25th of May.

We know this is short notice and we are now working hard to make sure no one is affected by this change. No worries! We have already ordered new servers so you won’t even notice something changed.

Let us know if you have any problems.

Stay safe!

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    • Hello! We’re working on replacing them but the estimated time of arrival depends on each data center and collaborator. Thanks for reaching us!

  • I am unable to visit https sites, including even Cyberghost Help, when using a Cyberghost connection. Is this normal?

  • Trying to download free CyberGhost but told there is an error with TAP driver. CyberGhost tried to resolve and I tried downloading TAP9.2.2 myself but still get driver update error.

    • Hi, Kevin. Can you please get in touch with the support team? They can help you out with the technical issues. You can contact them here or on the live chat, on the home page. Just click on “live help”. Thanks for your understanding!

  • No help,
    Win10, EVERY session, I’m forced to go into command mode to reset manual proxy to off.

    NOT a problem unless I’m using CG.

    • Hi, Terry! We’re sorry if you’re experiencing some issues. Please get in touch with our support team so they investigate this. Open a ticket here or contact them on the live chat. They will gladly help you out. Thanks for your feedback!

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