The future of privacy is here – time to update your CyberGhost app

With the overwhelming expansion of online devices, it quickly became obvious that far more addresses would be needed to connect devices than the IPv4 address space had available.

That is why IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) came into play. The total number of possible IPv6 addresses is more than 7.9×1028 times as many as IPv4, which uses 32-bit addresses and provides approximately 4.3 billion addresses.

IPv6 provides other technical benefits in addition to a larger addressing space, but we will not get into those, because what you need to know is…

Why we decided to deploy IPv6 services

As you’ve already probably noticed, we are always one step ahead of our competitors.

Most VPNs have been slow to accommodate the global transition to IPv6 and update their server networks. Of course, upgrading servers to support IPv6 is an expensive and difficult effort, but we’ve always promised to provide the best kind of online privacy solutions and we stay true to our motto.

Therefore, starting June 6th, we will begin deploying IPv6 services to our users. Why are we doing this? Because if you are using a VPN that is only compatible with IPv4 addresses, you are risking leaking your IPv6 address and thus becoming exposed online.


What you need to do

Make sure you are using the latest version of CyberGhost on all your devices in order to connect to our upgraded IPv6-compatible servers. If you don’t update, you risk no longer having access to our service.

Very important: update now for next-gen privacy! Starting June 6th, we will begin deploying IPv6 services. Click to Tweet

Rest assured, your app will most likely prompt you to update to the latest version. If by any chance you miss this message, on desktop, you can go to our site and download the most recent version of our app, or check your App/Play Store for updates.

In no time, you will connect to the better, faster, stronger and upgraded CyberGhost servers!

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Corina Dobre
Corina Dobre

A professional wordsmith, Corina has improved her writing skills through extensive experiences in journalism, advertising and marketing. Curious by nature, she enjoys learning foreign languages and discovering everything, as well as everyone around her.


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    • Sure thing, R.D.! We will have the publication date on all our articles, there was a temporary bug and the feature became unavailable for a while.

  • You sold us to a company that will analyze all the web traffic for advertising purposes

    Crossrider is the creator of digital advertising platforms specializing in monetizing web and mobile media through the use of big data, enabling the development of a proprietary ad serving algorithm and engine that can extract value from this data to deliver relevant advertising to targeted users ….

    Kind of disappointing, but probably worthy for you at over 9 million euros

    r.i.p. cyberghost

    • Hi there! The article you are probably quoting is already 2 years old. Since then, Crossrider have decided to change their approach and that is why they decided to switch to online security with the takeover of CyberGhost. Ad injectors are a matter of the past to them now.

      So nothing has changed or will it change about CyberGhost VPN as you know it. Since we do not store any logs, no third-party apps will have access to our users’ personal data. It’s a simple as that. We are a privacy company and we will stay that way.

      Furthermore, our apps have to go through numerous expert reviews, so if we were using ad injectors, CyberGhost would be gone by now.

      Therefore, you really have nothing to worry about. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you need clarifications on anything else.

  • Is the update complete. I ask because I have done the update to the latest version. Now the GUI loads but cyberghost never connects to a server. mac OS 10.10.1

    • Hi Jeanette! One of our colleagues from Support will get in touch with you and assist in finding a solution to this situation. Cheers and thanks for reaching out!

  • Dear Corina,

    thx for providing us with all those news.

    Since CG applied the IPv6 protocol all the sudden I am having trouble to connect to some CG Servers. It does not matter if I am using CG 5 or the latest CG 6 software. For example I am not able to connect to any Romanian server for over 2 weeks now. And I am not the only CG user with this problem.

    Could you provide us with some more information to this matter? Do CG users have to make some changes on their computer or do they have to activate IPv6 in their network cards and settings?
    I have always deactivated IPv6 on my computers because I don’t need it.

    Thank you.


    • Hi David! This is something unfortunately I cannot help you with, but my colleagues from Support will surely assist you and help get to the bottom of this. All you need to get in touch with them is simply use the Live Chat feature on this page (in the lower right corner of the page):, available between 9.00-18.00 EET (GMT+2), from Monday to Friday. Should you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to write me. Cheers and have a good day!

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