Update: Unblock the Internet with 44 new CyberGhost VPN servers

Update, March 3rd: As of today, 8 new servers have been added to the 36 mentioned last week. Out of these, 4 are located in Luxembourg (S05) and 4 in Dallas (S03). 

Hey there, Ghosties!

Happy news: 36 new servers have been added to the CyberGhost park, thus keeping you spoilt for choice concerning the location you wish to surf the web from.

We now have a total of 870 VPN servers, spread across a total of 44 locations from 26 countries.

Here is the detailed list of freshly released servers:


  • Romania (4 in Bucharest – S03)
  • USA (4 in New York – S06, 8 in Los Angeles – S11 and S12)
  • Germany (4 in Frankfurt – S24)
  • France (4 in Paris – S16)


  • Germany (4 in Frankfurt – S25)


  • Ukraine (4 in Kiev – S01, out of which 1 is Free and 3 are Premium)
  • Germany (4 in Berlin – S04, out of which 2 are Free and 2 are Premium)

To find out precisely where all our servers are located and what their user load is, go to our website. If you wish to gain access to all our servers, simply click here and choose a Premium subscription.

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Corina Dobre
Corina Dobre

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  • Dear Corina,

    thx for the info and happy to hear that CG is growing. Can you give us an updaten what is up with the servers located in Iceland.

    Thank you.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you very much for your kind and supportive message! The server in Iceland is currently full, but it will restart itself in about a week and you will have access to it again. We had just doubled the server’s traffic in December, but apparently that still isn’t enough, so we’re looking for more solutions. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, maybe another country from our list could also suit you?

      Cheers & have a good day!

  • Nice to see more servers being added, but it would have been nice if there was a bit more diversity in the servers… Adding more servers to LA and NY is nice and all, but it would have been nice to add more servers to places like Atlanta for example.

    Also just a question, but why as I premium user do I see only 1 Atlanta server, 1 Chicago, 1 Jackson, 1 Washington? Pretty sure there are more servers, yet I’ve been seeing only 1 from each of those servers for months now…

    • Hi Viktor! Unfortunately I do not have access to such info about your account, but our colleagues from Support would be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Simply try the Live Chat feature on this page: http://s.cgvpn.net/yv.

      Concerning the other situation you mentioned, about more diversity in the servers, it has been forwarded to our colleagues in charge of growing the server park. They will surely take it into consideration in the future.

      Cheers and thanks for your comment!

  • Danish server??
    36 new servers – brilliant! But what happened to the Danish one. It was switched off about 3 month ago, reason, it needed some updates and will not be available for short period [Radu Armaziu (CyberGhost VPN)]. Until now, it did not come on again. Can you name a date?

    • Hi, Christian! We are sorry for this situation. We are still working on getting them back, but unfortunately do not have a precise date. We’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for your message and patience. Cheers!

    • Hi Carsten! We are still working on getting the Danish servers back, but unfortunately we do not have a precise date. We’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for your message and patience. Cheers!

    • Hi, Bruce! We know that Netflix is a top priority for many of our customers and we are constantly working on finding a solution on the matter. We are probably one of the few ones to have not given up the battle on this front. We do however have numerous other streaming websites and services that you can unblock using CyberGhost, such as Hulu, YouTube or BBC.

      However, at the moment, CyberGhost cannot be used to unblock Netflix.

    • Great news, Bruce! Netflix is back, just go to our Unblock Streaming profile and then click on the Netflix icon. Cheers & enjoy!

  • Hello! 🙂 I’m thinking of buying the premium of cyber ghost but one question… Can CyberGhost hide your IP when using skype? I’m tired of all the squeakers and script kiddies ddosing and doxing me…

    • Hi there, Cyber Ghostie! Yes, CyberGhost hides your IP when using Skype and replaces it with one of our own, so you surf the Internet fully protected from prying eyes and unblock content from around the world. Hope this info was useful. We are here should you need anything else, or you can also try the Live Chat feature on this page: http://s.cgvpn.net/yv. Cheers and have a good day!

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