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The Internet is changing even the way we fight. Twitter has managed to have a big impact during rough times in many countries, people using this social network as a way of expressing themselves and fighting for their freedom. They share short messages and attach pictures, aiming to mobilize the global community.

Such liberty is not really appreciated by all governments. And then censorship occurs: greedy governments cut the access to their people to such channels.

Not much has passed since March, when Twitter was banned for Turkish inhabitants. We immediately showed our support by offering them 30,000 Premium keys of CyberGhost VPN. We also engaged with a lot of people from Venezuela, Egypt and, our neighbors, Ukraine.CyberGhost VPN Online freedom

We want them to benefit from online freedom, just like we all do every single day.

Today we can freely access Twitter’s Transparency Report (hope you’ve also seen ours, too!). It’s quite nicely done and you have 3 categories which you can analyze.

And so, the winner are:

Most information requests

US (1257), Japan (192), Saudi Arabia (189)

Removal requests

(from government agencies, police and other):

France (107), Turkey (121), Russia (32)

Another very interesting thing is that Turkey is the king when it comes to removal requests with court orders: 65 such requests!!

Copyright notices

There were 9,199 DMCA notices, and from our guess, very spread so they could not share it by countries. But if you look into our report, you can see that the US is also top of the list (1308 requests received in 2013).

 For more information, check out Twitter’s Transparency Report!

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