Torrents not welcomed? Why CyberGhost blocks P2P on US servers

Some CyberGhost users have expressed their disappointment that the use of torrents is blocked on U.S. and Russian servers, while other VPN providers don’t seem to have any problems regarding this matter. Although we are affected the same by the high number of copyright complaints that are filed on the basis of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we obviously react differently. (Just an example: Regarding the CyberGhost transparency report, the amount of inquiries in 2013 reached an altitude of 2,175 individual requests worldwide and thus passes by all other complaints easily which don’t even reach triple digits.)

teacherThe extent to which the requests were justified or not, is beyond our knowledge. Nevertheless, we must respond to the complaints. But unlike other VPN providers, we disclaim any request regarding user data, so we had been regularly threatened by a raid or hardware seizure in the United States and Russia. To minimize the risk, we therefore took action and decided to block torrents on the problematic servers. The alternative had been to abandon every server in the USA and Russia, so therefore we choose the lesser evil, which is the blocking of torrents. 

This way no user will be compromised and the installed hardware can be used to surf and stream as before – while legal torrent uploads and downloads can be performed as usual on other servers in other countries (a non-P2P server is marked in the client’s server list). Of course, other VPN providers see this different. They do allow the use of torrents with no restrictions, but at the same time monitor their users, so that they can reveal their identities in case needed.


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CyberGhost VPN - Uli


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