Top 5 Hot Topics of the Week for CyberGhost5

Fresh from our support inbox, we bring you the 5 Hot Topics of the Week! You can find the solutions for the most common problems you might have encountered this week, while using CyberGhost 5. Read them all here:


1. OpenVPN on Mac

Currently some of our users are facing some problems setting up an OpenVPN connection on their Tunnelblick. It is a known problem and we’re currently working on it. Until it’s solved, we recommend you to connect via Viscosity. You can download it from here and we’ve prepared a tutorial which will guide you through the setup. Read it here.

2. OpenVPN on Linux

For those of you using Linux, here’s how to setup your CyberGhost OpenVPN connection right.

3. Protocols (L2TP/IPSec and PPTP) on Linux and Mac

If you want to use L2TP/IPSec on Mac OS, it’s really simple, have a look!

We also prepared a tutorial on how to configure your Linux with the L2TP/IPSec Protocol. Read it here.

Note: We also provide access to the PPTP protocol, but we advise you to use this protocol just in case none of the other possibilities (L2TP/IPSec or OpenVPN) is available for your system or doesn’t work. PPTP can’t be considered safe anymore (but is still better than being completely unprotected).

Let us know if we missed something!

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CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea
CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea

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