Torrents and political media, the world's most censored digital content

It’s no secret that censorship thrives around the world. has just published the updated map of global Internet censorship and by simply giving the statistics a look, one can see that torrents are by far the most frowned upon online. This kind of censorship is probably the only one to occur in those generally regarded as democratic countries.

It’s easy to understand why torrents are the ones to suffer various forms of censorship around the world. Copyright-protected materials such as movies, music or software licenses are probably the main source of income for everyone involved in their creative & development process and piracy would only come in the way of profit.

Other reasons for this type of censorship include a so-called state-enforced morality, which implies that citizens are not capable of deciding what’s good and what’s bad for them. This kind of justification not only refers to the censorship of torrents, but also to social and political media, as well as pornography.

Worldwide, the list of Internet censorship looks as follows:

Thus, as we mentioned, of all the analyzed 163 countries, all of them censor torrents, while 28% restrict political media, 27% hold a ban on pornography, while 21% somehow restrict social media.

Bear in mind that some of these countries do not censor only one of the 4 topics mentioned above, but various combinations of them, or, worst-case scenario, all four. Therefore,  you may need to review and adjust your itinerary if it includes heavily-censored countries such as Eritrea, China, Somalia, or the famously secretive and regulated North Korea.

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How to access censored content

To be able to access content that is blocked or restricted in your region, you may need to travel to a more liberal country.

Or you can choose CyberGhost VPN, which, by changing your IP, will allow you to travel to a less restrictive country and watch the TV series or sports shows that are not available in your country. There is a dedicated profile for any need you may have and you can download the CyberGhost software for free, on any platform that you prefer, to see what it’s capable of.

However, please bear in mind that there are countries which also ban the use of VPNs and while CyberGhost can be used for torrenting, we only support and recommend it in legal parameters, such as legitimate file sharing.



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