The end of net neutrality knocks on our doors

Update, May 18th: 

Two days ago, the U.S. Senate has made a successful first step in the long battle towards restoring net neutrality. The Senate achieved a 52-47 vote in favor of an equal and open internet for all American citizens. Senators succeeded by invoking the CRA (Congressional Review Act) which allows them to revoke recent decisions of government agencies.

This is good news and instills hope for all Americans who opposed the FCC and have been fighting against the repeal of net neutrality. This is the result of the ongoing efforts of several organizations and activists that chose to not give up and defend their rights. And we applaud that!

Yet, as mentioned, the winning battle is just starting!

The next step: members of the House of Representatives have to pass their vote as well. To get a positive outcome, a full majority of House members have to support the reinstatement of net neutrality. If that will happen, the final move is for Donald Trump to sign and have the policy reversed. Everyone knows the White House always backed FCC’s decision in dissolving net neutrality.

But let’s not lose hope! Good things can still happen. Many probably didn’t dare to believe net neutrality is actually important for American senators. They proved they care. We should all continue to fight for it.

Here are useful resources if you want to follow more updates on this topic:

Update, December 15th: Despite everything, the inevitable occurred and the FCC’s final vote for dismantling net neutrality took place yesterday. U.S. ISPs have now full power to block websites, suppress services, and censor online content.

After the vote, it appears that several Republican voters declared to be against the resolution to put a stop to net neutrality. In addition, many attorney generals and state officials including members of the Congress plan to sue the FCC over the repeal.

The effects of the end of net neutrality will become official in a few months so maybe there is still hope.

However, CyberGhost VPN can still help you enjoy internet freedom like you used to and access any website you please.

As recently announced, the FCC had to come up with the final proposal regarding net neutrality until November 22nd. Yesterday, Ajit Pai announced that it will dismantle net neutrality rules, giving giant telecom and web companies full power on deciding what online content to deliver to their customers. Additionally, the end of net neutrality would mean that ISPs can either slow down or speed up web services at their own will. Clearly, only big companies will afford to offer the best connections to consumers.

FCC Chairman mentioned the new proposal would actually mean restoring internet freedom since it forces ISPs to be transparent on the costs they require users for each web service they provide. Customers can simply choose a service plan according to their needs and preferences. Basically, American citizens will pay different costs for a basic internet service and will have to pay more if they want to access music or movie websites, for example.

This totally contradicts the idea of free internet like we have all known it so far, not to mention that it favors unequal competition on the web services market.

Take a stand and fight against the end of the open internet

The draft order will have a final vote on December 14th; supporters of net neutrality including CyberGhost, can still fight against this decision and claim the FCC had weak reasoning on concluding to eliminate Title II of net neutrality. Title II states that internet is a utility service and prohibits internet providers to block or prioritize data and online content.

As mentioned before, this law affects all internet users worldwide even though it directly targets American citizens. A big internet censorship era is about to begin.

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CyberGhost is a full-time defender of free internet and we are against killing net neutrality.

Right now, the Congress is the only authority that could write a law that prevents strict regulation of ISPs. We can all take a stand and can still fight against it by contacting the American Congress.

You can still enjoy free internet with CyberGhost

CyberGhost can give you a hand so you can enjoy an open, secure and anonymous web experience. When using CyberGhost, each time you start the app, you connect to one of CyberGhost servers and ISPs will not be able to see what websites you access. Mainly, you can choose to connect from a server outside the U.S.

You cannot only simulate you are browsing from a different country (one where net neutrality is still acknowledged), but all your data will be encrypted.

Download CyberGhost now so you can still benefit from a neutral internet!

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  • People needs to understand that words means nothing in USA. Indeed that words USA are The Lincoln Empire for real. In 17xx The TERRORISTS and SABOTEURS who Broke the England Empire and Created the 1st Country FREE of KINGS. They also created The 1st Constitution to LIMITE the Power of The Governs. And they also wrote HOW, HOW to fight against TYRANNY!! If you read the USA 2nd amendment, and get why they want People with GUNS to Defend A FREE STATE!! Well, Lincoln desgrace it and they change History! They FREE the SLAVES to create a 2nd class wthout Rights! Few years ago I drove in California Roads. They have special lanes for special people how pay more for Drive! What is happening today on the internet is that the Trafic on the Big Backbones are more and more due to Video from Few companies, and the Infrastructure Companies want to charge more for Video Companies instead of increase the backbones infraestrutucre, put more FiberOptical cables!

  • I can’t believe they are at it again. Leave the net alone. You will only push people into shady things with these changes.

  • One day the mental defective Trump and his awful henchmen will be gone. In the meantime we all just have to resist the 1% any way we can. Don’t use American servers for anything. Support transacting in other currencies than the dollar if you can. Try to personally sanction and boycott the US in any small ways you can. There are 330 million Americans, but 6.7 billion others on this planet. We must work together.

  • Infowars just released a video regarding this. Essentially there’s some fine print in the net neutrality thing. Yes net neutrality stops isp from doing all these things you say but that’s only the providers, not the retailers. The retailers like google can censor all they like. That needs to be changed, big time!

    • Hi J,
      Yes, you are right. Net neutrality definitely has more negative outcomes; we mentioned the effect of the end of net neutrality would have on ISPs because that would be the first visible consequence. However, the world wide web would also be drastically censored, as you said.
      Thanks for reaching out to us. We truly appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

      • Oh I get it. You mean socialism, like the highways criss-crossing the US, which are paid for by tax dollars? I guess that means all US citizens are socialists, kinda like China? Please, Trumpsters, like their namesake, are completely FOS.

  • This is all about trump and his war on the media and the middle class. The NET isn’t broken. DON’T fix it!! This is about as bad as leaving the Paris climate accord. Trump is a POS and he’s going down.

  • Was the internet NOT already good BEFORE Net Neutrality? It seems since this went into effect the internet’s been worse. Twitter & Facebook censorship, Google altering search results, YouTube demonetizing videos at will, etc.

    All of the wrong people (to me) are FOR Net Neutrality, which also raises questions. Besides CyberGhost, of course lol.

  • Obviously, most people have no clue how the internet works. There is no need for alarm even if we do have a sex-offender in the white house, a manic depressive, bipolar, and suffering from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) This too will pass.

  • Governments must shrink! No way a regulation like Net Neutrality can help a better Internet. We DO NOT NEED governments to block our choice as user. WE, just have to do the right choice when we buy something. Like I have the choice to do not buy a product to a company that support Net Neutrality regulation.

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