The CyberGhost Republic has reached 10 million

Hi there, Ghosties!

We are very proud to tell you that the CyberGhost Republic of the Free Internet has just reached 10 million.


In our republic, governed by the innate right to digital freedom and privacy, we make sure that:

The #CyberGhost Republic of the Free Internet has just reached 10 million. Help us push the boundaries even further! Click to Tweet

However, while making us feel extremely proud, this milestone challenges us to be even better, to reach even more people with our free privacy and anonymity VPN service.

Or, as the president of the CyberGhost Republic of the Free Internet, Robert Knapp, says:

“We have reached 10 million users but this is only the beginning. We believe in privacy as a basic human right, but there are a lot of people in the world to whom it can only be a privilege. We want to free the digital world with every new download. That is why we need everyone to spread the word about CyberGhost and help us all enjoy the Internet as it was intended: free, safe and private.”

Well, that about sums it up! If you’re happy with CyberGhost, share the news about our VPN and let’s take digital freedom to every corner of the world.

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  • free and logging-vpn.

    “recorded for several reasons”

    “we track the in-going IPs and we store that”…”but we do not store an IP translation”.
    (this tracking is needed: “also for load balancing reasons” – he is explaining).

    so, maybe, one can view this as “acceptable, tolerable logging” :))

    • Hello,

      Thanks for watching the video and for paying attention. There is no such thing as tolerable logging. There is a difference between tracking what is done with an IP and knowing who is doing what. There is an entire debate that can clarify why we are not keeping logs, but for technical expertise and details you can always contact the support team. You can also read here more about what is logging and how we are tackling it
      To put it simple, it is normal to see how the server park is used so we know in what direction we need to develop. For this we need certain data and statistics. This does not mean that we compromise in any way our users’ privacy or that we store personal information about them. There is definitely a general misunderstanding when it comes to logging and what can be indeed harmful for a VPN user. What any VPN user should worry about is their personal data that is stored and revealed. CyberGhost does not store your real IP, your real location, what sites you visit, nothing. What we do store is aggregated info regarding the amount of traffic, which basically means we know how much data you use, but have no idea for what you use it. Think of it like this: if we were talking about say…a box, we would know how much that box weighed, but would have no idea what was in it.
      Thanks once more for your feedback and don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions. Cheers!

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