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Our latest Transparency Report is here!

Ghosties, today we’re celebrating Data Privacy Day. And we’re doing so by launching the latest edition of our Transparency Report!

Back in 2011, we were the first ones in the VPN industry to release a Transparency Report. It’s a tradition we’re very fond of, and this year we’ve put a twist to it. Read More

Twitter's Transparency Report

The Internet is changing even the way we fight. Twitter has managed to have a big impact during rough times in many countries, people using this social network as a way of expressing themselves and fighting for their freedom. They share short messages and attach pictures, aiming to mobilize the global community.

Such liberty is not really appreciated by all governments. And then censorship occurs: greedy governments cut the access to their people to such channels.

Not much has passed since March, when Twitter was banned for Turkish inhabitants. We immediately showed our support by offering them 30,000 Premium keys of CyberGhost VPN. We also engaged with a lot of people from Venezuela, Egypt and, our neighbors, Ukraine.CyberGhost VPN Online freedom Read More

CyberGhost VPN Transparency Report 2014

This is an important moment for us and we would like to share it with our readers and users. Being one of the first anonymizing services comes with a responsibility, so we decided it’s time to publish a transparency report of state discovery operations, copyright issues and complaints from website operators and individuals.

CyberGhost_Transparncy ReportTransparency reports of Internet companies are a common thing in many countries, as opposed to transparency reports of VPN providers, for which there are just a few reports available. The reason is simple: many countries have concerns that a disclosure of requests from police and other organizations might endanger ongoing investigations.  The actual numbers of requests by authorities and others can be bad for business, especially if a provider logs their users’ online activity.

Click to view the entire Transparency Report! Read More

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