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Google launches the beginning of a more secure browsing era

Lately, there have been good news and bad news in terms of internet security and online data protection. In reference to good news, last week Google announced it will request all sites under its TLDs (top-level domains) to implement the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) protocol.  This means more secure internet browsing for all. Well, this is just the beginning because Google plans to perform this security policy to 45 TLDs. However, the company also said that it is expecting to see more TLDs on the list.

In addition, this new safety shield will include other Google services such as Google Alerts, Analytics and Maps.

What is HSTS and why is it good for you?

The typical online browser behavior is this: you visit websites, read a lot of content and communicate through mails, social media platforms, etc. Unfortunately, what you do online can sometimes be intercepted by others.

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Outrunning NSA's Bullrun

Following the latest rumors about NSA and its connected Intelligence Services, many of you Ghosties are concerned about the decryption program called ‘Bullrun’ which is said to be able to hack SSL and VPNs – along with the equal alarming news that a lot of US companies have been forced to implement backdoors to their services.

But, and it’s a big ‘BUT’ here, we need to differentiate between an eligible concern and unfounded fears. The encryption line of battle has not been broken yet. It’s under heavy attack, no doubt about that, but good encryption still works the way it should: Protecting your data!

It’s true, that an encryption program called ‘Bullrun’ exists, and it really seems it’s able to compromise security barriers like SSL (as you use with your online banking) – but it doesn’t work as good as the NSA hoped it would. That’s why they force companies to implement backdoors and influence the programming of encryption standards (so they can easily break it). In a way that bad news is a good news, because it shows that despite all the money and the man power that goes in there, less than expected came out.

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