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CyberGhost VPN just turned 7! But we have a million reasons to be grateful for

This month, CyberGhost VPN reaches a major milestone: 7 years of fighting for digital freedom! The entire CyberGhost team has been truly enjoying the ride.  

Because we take your privacy seriously, we’ve been working hard (and making the most of it) to make sure CyberGhost gets better and better and that it works perfectly for every single need you may have.  

Don’t worry! We still had time to make jokes around the office, save stray kittens, hold ping-pong tournaments, eat and sleep… Ok, not as much sleep when there was a team party for every occasion that deserved to be celebrated.  

We’ve already enjoyed the annual cake and champagne, but most importantly: we want to thank YOU! All Ghosties out there, from every corner of the world, thank you for putting your trust in us and for deciding to browse anonymously with CyberGhost VPN by your side. 

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Say “Hello” to the brand new CyberGhost VPN version for iOS – your easiest route to instant privacy

After an extended, challenging but highly interesting work and team effort, we are pleased to present you the CyberGhost VPN version 7 for iOS. As a witness of a few sections of the entire process, I can tell you it was an intense and delightful experience! So glad I could be part of this story and see it all develop piece by piece!

Why the change?

First, we want to update all our apps to the same version and optimize them for better speeds and even more stability.

Second, we cater to our users’ wishes. So, we took your feedback regarding a faster connection and iPhone X full compatibility into account and we delivered.

Here’s what’s new:

Simple and clean design

The major change (which you will instantly notice) is the fresh and simpler design, meant to make the VPN connection as self-explanatory as possible. With a simple tap, you instantly pop into a completely private and protected online world. Welcome! Read More

Happy 1st K! CyberGhost has just reached the 1,000-server threshold

Hi, Ghosties!

Only last week, we were telling you about our recent server expansion, with 128 new servers and 3 fresh locations.

Now, it keeps getting better and better.

Our recent additions have enabled us to now achieve over 1,000 state-of-the-art servers, which allow you to securely connect to the countries of your choice.

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Awesome Updates in the Works

Hey Ghosties!

We have some great news for you: our dev team has been hard at work these past months and the end result is almost ready for you to meet, use, and instantly love.

There will be some very cool updates to our Windows client that will surely come in handy when you’re surfing the web, unblocking websites, doing online banking etc…, all of which we’re really excited about and we know you’ll be too.

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We've added 40 FREE new servers

CG servers

Great news, Ghosties!

You now have 40 new CyberGhost servers you can connect to in order to be safe, anonymous, and protected online. Or to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Spotify or any other website and watch your favourite TV shows, listen to the newest songs, and connect with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

And that’s not even the best part. The best part is that these 40 new servers are available to all FREE users, so all you have to do to access them is download CyberGhost. From here.

The new free servers are located as follows:

USA ‚Äď 12 new free servers
UK ‚Äď 4 free new servers
France ‚Äď 8 free new servers
Germany ‚Äď 4 free new servers
Czech Republic ‚Äď 4 free new servers
Netherlands ‚Äď 4 free new servers
Romania ‚Äď 4 free new servers

New Servers in 2 Locations

Update:¬†9 New Free CyberGhost Servers! You now have more Free servers in UK, 4 in London more precisely, and in France, 5 in Paris.¬†We told you we’re fast ūüôā

It’s official! We’ve added 7 more Free servers in Bucharest, Romania and 4 Premium servers in New York for a safe and private internet experience.

Feel free to try them and share your feedback with us.

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Click here to find them > Server Overview <

If you haven’t seen our Indiegogo campaign, now it’s the time. Check it our and help us build the #NoSpyProxy!

Server Maintenance on the 14th and 15th of May

Dear CyberGhost user,

We will be performing a general maintenance on all our servers on the 14th and 15th of May. In order to accomplish this task as smooth as possible for you and without interrupting every inch of the service, we will perform our work on different days.

The following schedule of maintenance will tell you which server will be off on which day, at what time (not longer than 5 minutes). Please understand that this work needs to be done and does include an interruption of an ongoing session on the respective server. We apologize for any inconveniences. Read More

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