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10 tips for online privacy, while catching 'em all in Pokemon GO

If you caught the Pokémon GO bug and can’t help hunting hidden creatures across town or are merely thinking of downloading the app, there are some things you should know before putting your online privacy at stake.

We, at CyberGhost, are here to help you enjoy the content and apps you love, wherever you are. Help us fight the good fight and keep your private information private while playing Pokemon Go, with the help of these 10 tips:


  1. Don’t trust the unofficial versions

Since Pokémon GO is not available everywhere just yet, there are many third-party gaming websites which recommend downloading the APK from a non-Google Play link.

You will be required to modify your Android core security settings to install apps from untrusted sources.

Hackers can then download your data, steal your identity or banking information, send emails on your behalf and so on, all these with the aid of side-loaded malicious apps.

Our recommendation: if you really have to, download only the official version of the app from Niantic. If it’s not available in your location yet, wait for the official release. It’s the safest way.


  1. Use only HTTPS links when making payments

When buying pokécoins or making any other payments, make sure that you are directed to a “https” URL. You can also force HTTPS automatically with the help of the CyberGhost app.

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