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Remote malware – hackers’ newest trend in ATM attacks

Trend Micro (a top cyber security software solutions company) along with Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) have recently released a whitepaper explaining how new types of ATM thefts have started to emerge. These are happening particularly because many ATM networks don’t use updated software, thus don’t receive the latest security updates, which makes them extremely vulnerable when faced with digital frauds.

Hackers initiate the attack from the ATM network

Apparently, the new scheme no longer relies on cyber criminals physically standing in front of an ATM and using skimming devices, but attacking the ATM from inside, through their network. One of the easiest ways to infiltrate the ATM network is by sending phishing e-mails to bank employees; once they introduce a malicious code into the e-mail system, they capture valuable information about the employees’ daily tasks and they can also trace vulnerabilities of the ATM network.

The next and final step is to install malware on the ATM server. Mainly, the hackers use a code that generates a secret-key for each session. When a bank customer uses the same key, the code allows the hacker to empty the ATM.

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Top 7 tips to protect your financial data when online banking

As the mesmerizing world of internet has been steadily growing, a significant and important part of our lives has moved online. That includes financial information. It’s true, this is not public information and only you have access to it, but you still want to protect that information at all costs.

According to recent statistics, around 60% of American citizens use mostly online or mobile banking because it’s easy and saves you a lot of time. The figures are more or less the same when it comes to citizens from other countries as well. Since this is a common custom, you don’t want any security breach to have a negative impact on your finances.

Let’s face it: no one will guard your money better than you will, so you’ll just need to adapt your online banking practices just to make sure you’re completely safe from the prying eyes of intruders.

Check these useful tips about how you can protect details about your digital bank account and other financial-related information:

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Malicious websites and phishing? Not on CyberGhost's watch


Hey Ghosties!

We hope you’ve been enjoying CyberGhost 5.5 these past weeks and also that you’ve been having a blast testing our new features: the powerful ad blocker, the smart data compressor, and the vigilant malicious content detector.

This article is the last installment in our “CyberGhost 5.5 new features” series and it’s here to tell you how we protect you against malicious websites and phishing attempts.

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Why Android Malware is worse than you thought

The future will not only be about thinner, faster, and bendable smartphones, but it will definitely also be about security and bigger online threats.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you don’t need to take photos anymore because Google will simply choose the best pictures from a live stream of the day’s events just to make your life easier.

Soon you won’t even need to decide what to eat, your Android phone will know exactly what you need and what you like, showing you the most suitable foods for your age. So long decision paralysis, right?


But there’s so much hype around the future of Android that we forget to see the obvious threats, the alarmingly increasing number of Android malware, and the criminal activities carried out on smartphones.

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Protect your financial data when online banking: 5 things you need to do

A recent survey from Mastercard showed that 62 percent of Millennials would rather have their nude photos leaked online than have their financial info stolen.

As for the general population, the percentage drops a few points, with 55 percent preferring the „nude photos leak” scenario to having their credit card data compromised.

In light of these revelations, we decided to draw up a list of must-follow tips when you’re doing online banking. They will help keep your credit card info safe and sound and out of the hands of hackers, spies, snoopers and so on.

But first, a piece of advice about taking and (especially) storing nude photos of yourself on your phone, laptop, or Cloud: DO. NOT. DO. IT. EVER.

OK, now let’s move on to what you can do to protect your financial info when online banking:

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