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CyberGhost 5.0 – Get to be the first to test it! For free!

After a few months in which we’ve been brainstorming for ways to make your CyberGhost VPN experience better, we came up with a lot of ideas resulting in an overall better looking, faster, easier to use and more efficient service. We’ve based all these improvements on the feedback we received from you, our mighty users.

CyberGhost 5 Blog

And because there’s always room for improvement we come back with big news.  CyberGhost VPN is taking things to the next level, by launching CyberGhost 5.0, a new version of our client with a lot of extra features, user friendly, intuitive and of course, loads of fun. Some of the most important changes are listed below:

# We’ve simplified the installation process, which now doesn’t require creating a new account

# You can now enjoy a profile based connection suited for your needs. Save time and energy by choosing one of our pre-configured profiles like: high speed, unblocking content, high encryption, wireless connection, or manual, in case you want to customize your connection

# One click connection. No login, no configuration, just click to start

# The possibility to choose the server you want to connect to even if you’re a free user.

And because your opinion matters to us, you can be one of the first few lucky Ghosties to try it and tell us what you think. Best part? It’s completely free! All you have to do is go to http://cyberghostvpn.com/first-to-test, and give us your e-mail address and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you have any ideas to share with us or any specific features you would like to see at the new CyberGhost? Tweet them at @CyberGhost_EN with #CyberGhost5 and we will definitely give it a thought.

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