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Ghostie’s Weekly Digest: FCC’s final vote on net neutrality, Bitcoins under attack and new iOS vulnerability

It’s the holiday season and it seems, hackers enjoy it just as much as everybody else. A lot has happened in the cyber security world over the past week and some of the news are important and could have an impact on all of us.

Find out more below:

  1. Facebook and PayPal – vulnerable in front of 19-year old Robot RSA attack

A 19-year old vulnerability has come back and now hits some of the most popular websites, including Facebook and PayPal. The attack allows hackers to decipher encrypted data by providing “yes” or “no” answers until finally revealing private information. Read more about the news.

  1. Around 1 million passwords leaked on the dark web

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The wait is over! Our new iOS App, CyberGhost Hotspot Protection, is available now!

We are excited to announce that our iOS App, CyberGhost5 Hotspot Protection is available in the App store from today!

From now on you can:
  • Surf anonymously and secured against trackers and data miners;
  • Protect your private data from hackers while connected to public Wifi networks like Hotspots and Internet Cafes;
  • Watch your favorite videos and TV shows even when you travel and get geo-restricted.
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