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CyberGhost Forum: Closed Until Further Announcement

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A small era comes to an end: we are closing our beloved Forum, until further notice. We’ve worked hard and spent great deal of time to replying and moderating it. Unfortunately, the more we grow, the less time we have to answer to our forum’s threads.

We’ve even tried a different approach and set some new rules and allocated time only for moderation, expecting the community to stick together and answer threads. Unfortunately, even so, our developers had a hard time going through all the threads themselves. Besides the fact that users were not respecting the rules, they started raging when not getting immediate help. The forum is not an official support channel and users started flaming and acting really destructive. The forum has become a full time job for somebody and right now we don’t have the right person to manage it in our team.

At the moment, considering the above and seeing that our extra efforts are at the opposite pole of being appreciated, we are focusing on our product and service.

Forum Support

If you want to make a change and you’d like to actively support the community, should it get back online at some point, please let us know by writing us an e-mail (support@cyberghost.com) with “Forum Support” in title.

High Five to you all!

We’d also like to thank our community members who spent a lot of time answering threads and offering support to other fellow ghosties. We’ve had much fun together and we really appreciate your commitment to our cause.

Need support?

Meanwhile, if you encounter any problem, please drop us a message at support@cyberghost.ro

We’re also present on social media, so you can contact us also on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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