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J.A.Z.Z. U.P.

J.A.Z.Z. U.P. PC & Internet

J.A.Z.Z. U.P. PC & Internet

J.A.Z.Z. U.P. your PC, your Internet and even your photos with CyberGhost and friends!

Ready for a little jazz up? In our new campaign we offer you 1 year CyberGhost Classic VPN for just € 49.99. Which is pretty much the same like usual, including access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘L’ (20 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up) – but additionally we give away the following jazz up tools for free:

  • O&O Defrag Professional Edition (worth: € 29.00): O&O Defragestablishes maximum performance for one’s hard drives by eliminating defragmentation. Some features:
    • Defragmentation at the push of a button
    • Performance increases of up to 100%
    • Faster system and program starts
    • Extends the life of your hardware
    • Speeds up your Internet browser
    • Defrag multiple drives simultaneously
    • Vendor-independent optimization of solid state drives
    • Screensaver mode defragments in your absence
    • Update Star Premium Edition 8 (worth: € 29.90):Update Star helps any Windows computer to stay up to date easily and prevents problems. It automatically updates more than  1.400.000 different software titles. Some features:
      • Protection against outdated software
      • Delivers major version updates
      • Allows for a personalization of updates
      • Secure and verified downloads
      • Registry Cleaner included
      • Full scheduling capabilities and daily scans
      • Export and backup your software setup
      • Security recommendations for update priorization
      • Photomizer 2 (worth: € 29.99): Photomizer 2repairs, optimizes and edits one’s digital photos. It is the perfect completion for any digital camera, able to correct, where others fail, e.g. false apertures or shots under unfavorable weather and lighting conditions. Some features:
        • Repairs your digital photo treasures without laborious training time
        • Optimizes fully automatically and reliably exactly those image parts, which disturb a photo’s overall impression
        • Includes profiles for a faster and more effective editing
        • Removes noise and eliminates artifacts

You will save unbelievable € 88.89 on all software titles and can look at it any way you like: If you’re a CyberGhost fan, you get O&O Defrag, Update Star and Photomizer 2 for free. If you ever wanted Photomizer 2 and O&O Defrag, you will get CyberGhost and Update Star for free and even save nearly € 10.00. And if … well, you got the picture …

This offer is valid only up to June, 30th. You can subscribe by clicking on this link: http://s.cgvpn.net/7m

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