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Call for Information Technology Administrators

We are looking for an IT Administrator with at least 2+ years’ experience in IT administration. We’re looking for hard-working, detail-obsessed individuals who have a passion for hardware, software and networks. The IT Administrator is responsible for CyberGhost’s IT systems to ensure we operate effectively and efficiently including updating software and equipment, running regular data backups, establishing system access and security procedures, testing new equipment and training our team.

All we’re asking for is a team player who will thrive in our fast paced, creative environment. Our organizational culture thrives on open doors and direct communication. We love the fact that our small team is growing fast.

CyberGhost VPN is changing how millions of people around the world engage with the internet and you will be part of this, helping millions of people to (re-)establish their online privacy and Internet freedom. Come join us!

We’re waiting for you in the greatest city in Eastern Europe, at our headquarters in Bucharest, a short walk from Piata Victoriei metro station.

The job is full time. Send us an email if you are interested.

Information Technology Administrator 2



  • Talk with the team to determine IT needs based on industry standards ISO 27001 + ISO 9001
  • Establish and control systems access and security
  • Implement regular housekeeping procedures for security (firewalls, password management etc.), including data backup
  • Coordinate system updates and replacement of outdated versions
  • Maintain data dictionaries and ISO manuals (ISO 27001 + ISO 9001)
  • Provide day-to-day advice to the team on data structures and terminology provide training in systems use and access
  • Provide assistance in testing new equipment and systems
  • Prepare technical reports on the operation of systems, systems cost estimates and cost-benefit analyses
  • Coordinate the work of our server admin(s) for our web infrastructure (250 NAT server, login server, load balancer, DNS server etc.)
  • Communicate with providers



  • Good at technical activities (Microsoft certifications are a plus)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills (English is a must, German is a plus)
  • Able to quickly understand complex problems and devise effective solutions
  • Willing to maintain and update own knowledge of IT content
  • Self-motivated, analytical, quick learner, organized, detail-oriented, multi-tasker
  • Able to direct and oversee the work of others


To be considered for this cool opportunity please email your CV in the first instance to oana.dima@cyberghost.ro

CyberGhost publishes PPTP!

CyberGhost officially ended its PPTP beta phase and integrated Point-to-Point to its services. PPTP is another protocol technique beside the generally utilized OpenVPN to establish an encrypted tunnel to the CyberGhost network and advisable, if OpenVPN is no option. With the additional PPTP feature Premium and Premium Plus subscribers can connect to the CyberGhost network, even if their respective device does not support OpenVPN or is too complicated to set up

To get PPTP installed is extremely easy. Just open the network connection settings of your device, choose a new VPN connection (often even called that way) and enter the needed personal data to get access to the CyberGhost network. Note, though, that this data is only available for Premium and Premium Plus  users. It can be found in the respective online account. Please click on the entry ‘PPTP configuration’ in the right handed side menu and note the password and the server addresses you get there. The PPTP password is needed to avoid putting your regular CyberGhost account at risk, if your PPTP connection will ever be compromised.







At the time of introducing PPTP CyberGhost offers up to September, 30th, 2012 special conditions on each Premium or Premium Plus subscription, which also include UNLIMITED TRAFFIC!

  • New subscribers: Any new 1 year Premium or Premium Plus subscription will be available with a 30 % discount, PPTP and unlimited traffic included.
  • Upgrade from Classic: Any Classic subscription can be upgraded to Premium or Premium Plus at the usual conditions. Depending on the time left on your subscription and the wanted Premium Plan one will get a counterbalance of months. Details on this you will find in your account under ‘tariff information’. Of course an upgrade will include PPTP and unlimited traffic.
  • Upgrade from Premium or Premium Plus: Existing Premium and Premium Plus users can upgrade to PPTP and unlimited traffic for a small onetime fee of € 7.99 (Premium) or € 9.99 (Premium Plus).

Touchdown: We’re in for some games!

While London mutates into the all seeing eye, CyberGhost attends the United Internet Games in freedom, privacy and security – and now guess, who won the most acclaimed medal of them all? Well, it’s been your favorite friendly neighborhood ghost and he got Gold in ‘No logs’.

You’re heartily invited to join us and establish with us a better Internet, a private one, a free one – and, of course, a more secure one! And here are your medals, waiting for you to get fetched:

  • Bronze: 1 year CyberGhost Classic VPN for just € 39.99 instead € 49.99 (20 % off). Your savings: € 10.00! CyberGhost Classic VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘L’ (20 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Silver: 1 year CyberGhost Premium VPN for just € 55.99 instead € 79.99 (30 % off). Your savings: € 23.99! CyberGhost Premium VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘XL’ (50 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Gold: 1 year CyberGhost Premium Plus for just € 71.39 instead € 118.99 (40 % off). Your savings: € 47.59! CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN means:  Access to all free, premium and VIP servers and traffic flat rate ‘XXL’ (80 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).

You will save up to € 47.59, depending on which subscription you choose. So, let the games begin.

This offer is valid only up to August, 31st. You can subscribe by clicking on this link (bottom left you can change the wanted plan): http://s.cgvpn.net/7I

“Celebrate youth, celebrate, those, who …”

You remember this song by Rick Springfield? Well, we do … and we celebrate: Namely our first year, after we left Germany, moved to Romania and began establishing ourselves in Bucharest, Romania, Europe’s Silicon Valley. Why Bucharest? Because we think, it’s the best environment throughout Europe to grow and feed a young company like ours. It’s got highly motivated and thoroughly skilled net specialists, being raised by a free Internet. It shows an urge to shape a future, where privacy and freedom are still positive values. And it got a law system, that remembers 45 years of Stalinism very well and therefore backs up the freedom and courage one needs to go after these goals.

Bucharest got all, we were looking for, when asking ourselves, which might be the best place in Europe to settle down and grant anonymity in the Internet, that elsewhere had become an endangered species. Only here we found the needed place to evolve and offer subscribers from all over the world, what they are looking for: Privacy, freedom and a plus of security in the Internet with no backdoors included – no logging, no spying, no compromises!

No doubt, that we like you to celebrate along with us. Therefore we created a very special offer, including huge savings of up to 40 % and three high quality PC tools in each bundle. Better though, for we also included our famous ‘Unlimited Traffic’ plan.

In detail you can go for:

  • 12 months CyberGhost Classic VPN subscription for just € 39.99 (20 % off), including access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘L’ (20 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • 12 months CyberGhost Premium VPN subscription for just € 55.99 (30 % off), including access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘XL’ (50 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • 12 months CyberGhost Premium Plus Unlimited VPN subscription for just € 71.39 (40 % off), including access to all free, premium and VIP servers (equipped for the fastest possible high speed traffic). On this plan, there will be no traffic limitations and therefore no speed reductions.

Additionally we give away the following products for free with each subscription:

  • O&O Defrag Professional Edition (worth: € 29.00): O&O Defrag establishes maximum performance for one’s hard drives by eliminating defragmentation. Some features:
    • Defragmentation at the push of a button
    • Performance increases of up to 100%
    • Faster system and program starts
    • Extends the life of your hardware
    • Update Star Premium Edition 8 (worth: € 29.90):Update Star helps any Windows computer to stay up to date easily and prevents problems. It automatically updates more than  1.400.000 different software titles. Some features:
      • Protection against outdated software
      • Delivers major version updates
      • Allows for a personalization of updates
      • Secure and verified downloads
      • Photomizer 2 (worth: € 29.99): Photomizer 2 repairs, optimizes and edits one’s digital photos. It is the perfect completion for any digital camera, able to correct, where others fail, e.g. false apertures or shots under unfavorable weather and lighting conditions. Some features:
        • Repairs your digital photo treasures without laborious training time
        • Optimizes fully automatically and reliably exactly those image parts, which disturb a photo’s overall impression
        • Includes profiles for a faster and more effective editing
        • Removes noise and eliminates artifacts

You will save up to € 136.49, depending on which subscription you choose. We’re pretty sure, you might agree, that this is a very cool way to celebrate and keep the idea of a free Internet alive at the same time. And, by the way, if you’re too young to know, who the hell Rick Springfield is, have a look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPEf1besqDI&feature=related. It’s unblocked, by the way … At least it had been yesterday!

This offer is valid only up to July, 27th. You can subscribe by clicking on this link: http://s.cgvpn.net/7A

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