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Security advisory: OpenVPN not working on Samsung S9 and S9+ after update

[Update, January 10] 

Ghosties, we got some good news!

Samsung is rolling out an Android Pie update, fixing the issues with the OpenVPN protocol. Right now, it’s available in 12 countries, but slowly turning global.

Keep an eye on the update and make sure you download it. 😉

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Wanted: the next CyberGhost Voice! Reward: Premium VPN subscription

Update, November 13th: We have the lucky winners! They have been announced individually.  Congratulations to you all and we look forward to your updates on digital freedom in your homeland. 

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iOS 11 new anti-tracking feature and how to get rid of targeted ads

Apple has recently announced that iOS 11, the latest operating system for mobile phones will introduce a new feature for the Safari web browser called “smart tracking prevention”. Along with it, the tracking prevention option will also be available for Apple’s MacOS High Sierra that will be released on September 25th. If you’re annoyed (or even if you’re not) by all those pop-up ads, this is certainly good news!

Ok, iOS 11 will not block all ads, but here is how it will work:

  • The iPhone will detect which first-party cookies are desired by users, and which are set by advertisers. This means that you will continue to see ads, but only coming from websites you visited. Advertisers who use third party cookies won’t be able to track you any longer.
  • Third-party cookies will be blocked after the first day and will be deleted from your device after one month. This way, surfing on the web becomes a pleasant and less annoying experience.

Apart from interrupting your web surfing, ads have disadvantages such as:

  • making your phone battery run out
  • using up our monthly data allotment
  • slowing down internet speed

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Top 3 typical cases when a VPN helps marketing professionals

You’re a blogger, market researcher or a writer who has to make advanced research on the web when looking for various information. Surely, you have been faced with the situation when you were denied access to a website due to geo-restrictions. Owners of some websites simply allow only users from certain countries to check their content. That’s just the way it is and things won’t probably change anytime soon.

The case mentioned above is a classic example many marketers have to deal with and it’s definitely affecting and slowing down their work. However, if you use a VPN, everything could change in your favor. A VPN will camouflage your IP address so that you will no longer be greeted by the un-welcoming message: “The page you are looking for is not available in your region”.

Other examples of marketing-related tasks where a VPN will come in handy:

  1. Check Google results in different countries

Market researchers and SEO professionals know what I’m talking about. You’re interested to know how high or low ranked are some keywords or even famous brands in Google search results if you browse from different countries. If you browse Google from the U.S. you’ll get some results, while if you browse from Germany, you’ll get different ones.

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Cybersecurity Conference: State Officials, Security Experts and Instructive Speeches


The second edition of the Cybersecurity Conference took place in Sibiu, Romania, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd this month.

More than 200 security experts, state officials and legal experts have gathered from all over Europe to discuss the current state of internet security as well as the future threats and best practices to avoid them.


Laurent Chrzaovski, independent Historian & Cultural Events Manager & Daniela Chrzanovski, general director of swiss webacademy partenered up with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), along with the Swiss Embassy in Romania and the CERT-RO in order to to establish a dialogue between the private and public sector, with the help of state officials and law experts.

The event was packed with people and overflowing with great ideas and intriguing insights. The International Telecommunication Union, UTI, The Romanian Information Service, Dell,  Bitdefender, McAffee, Cyber Security Research Center and others had sent their best cybersecurity experts to represent them.

On the 1st there was a pre-conference training day (with official attestation), tailor-suited for non-technical decision-makers like CETs and CEOs, designed to provide them the necessary basic background and awareness by interacting as much as possible with the conference key-speakers.

Capture romania

And because there is no security without privacy and vice versa, CyberGhost VPN was right there, proposing a whole new perspective to the concept of cyberthreats: mass surveillance as an impedance on the development of a free open market, interpersonal relationships, and a healthy sense of self.

After everything was said and done, I had the honor of being invited to a great Romanian Gala dinner that was flawlessly orchestrated, from food to music and activities. Towards the morning, the most courageous of us have stepped  on the stage for some good old fashioned karaoke.

Among the sponsors of the event were: Dell, palo alto networks, Safe Tech,  BISS, Bitdefender, certSign and Check Point.


Twitter's Transparency Report

The Internet is changing even the way we fight. Twitter has managed to have a big impact during rough times in many countries, people using this social network as a way of expressing themselves and fighting for their freedom. They share short messages and attach pictures, aiming to mobilize the global community.

Such liberty is not really appreciated by all governments. And then censorship occurs: greedy governments cut the access to their people to such channels.

Not much has passed since March, when Twitter was banned for Turkish inhabitants. We immediately showed our support by offering them 30,000 Premium keys of CyberGhost VPN. We also engaged with a lot of people from Venezuela, Egypt and, our neighbors, Ukraine.CyberGhost VPN Online freedom Read More

Server Maintenance on the 14th and 15th of May

Dear CyberGhost user,

We will be performing a general maintenance on all our servers on the 14th and 15th of May. In order to accomplish this task as smooth as possible for you and without interrupting every inch of the service, we will perform our work on different days.

The following schedule of maintenance will tell you which server will be off on which day, at what time (not longer than 5 minutes). Please understand that this work needs to be done and does include an interruption of an ongoing session on the respective server. We apologize for any inconveniences. Read More

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