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Beta-Update CyberGhost VPN

Ab sofort zum Download verfügbar: Update auf CyberGhost Beta. 

Mit Version erscheint eine weitere Beta für unsere Tester. Sie aktualisiert in erster Linie die verwendete OpenVPN-Version auf 2.3.10 und enthält die letzten OpenSSL-Fixes sowie ein Anzahl kleinerer Bugfixes.

Größte augenfällige Änderung ist der Wegfall aller Privatsphären-Einstellungen im ehemaligen Privacy-Control-Tab. Die Funktion ist nun im ‘Online-Tracking verhindern’-Feature enthalten, das im Home-Bildschirm aktiviert werden kann.

Wie erhalte ich die aktuelle Beta?

Die aktuelle Beta kann über den Update-Channel bezogen werden. Hierzu aktiviere bitte in den Einstellungen zum Programm im Register ‚Allgemein‘ die Option ‚Beta-Updates installieren‘.


Sollte das Update zu Problemen führen, deinstalliere bitte die Beta, installiere die neueste stabile Version von der Homepage und stelle sicher, dass die ‘Installiere Beta’-Option wieder deaktiviert ist.

News from CyberGhost: Beta (Windows), Beta (Android) and, yes, another Beta (NoSpy)

Update, January 30th 2017: We have traveled back in time and in case, for some reason, you are still reading this article in 2017, we are here to let you know that you can now try the revolutionary CyberGhost VPN 6 for Windows, iOS and Android. Enjoy our app on your desired operating system and device, it is bound to rock your digital world!

This week three betas compete for your attention: The latest CyberGhost VPN Windows client, CyberGhost for Android and the fresh installation of the first #NoSpyProxy.

CyberGhost Windows Beta

The latest beta of your favorite desktop VPN client addresses some seldom occurring connection losses and will be available soon via the beta channel. If you want to test it, please activate the option ‘Install beta updates’ in your client’s settings under the ‘General’ tab.


CyberGhost Android
The upcoming version of the CyberGhost Android client solves some important issues: no more crashes while starting the app, as well as a program freezing, when changing settings. Also new: an option to deactivate the recognition of untrusted networks, a different rendering engine, that handles the country and server lists much better, small bug fixes and minor GUI changes.

Android B

To test the beta, you need to join the CyberGhost-Community on Google+. Once done, click on https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.mobileconcepts.cyberghost, to become a beta tester and download the beta from Google’s Play Store.

First #NoSpyProxy On Air

Since Monday, the first beta of the first CyberGhost NoSpyProxy runs smoothly in our nice and cozy hardware room next door. Our own data center is meant to reduce physical hardware attacks near zero and is, by the way, thanks to our more than successful Indiegogo campaign financed by more than 200%. The campaign also ended on Monday.

CG Servers B4b

All running 12 instances are located on the Bucharest server S08 and can be activated by our Priority Boarders (donnors from Indiegogo) by choosing a single instance, labeled Bucharest-S08-I01 to Bucharest-S08-I12.  We’ve got high performance servers with tough encryption running on them, as an ultimate layer of security.

Upgrade and tell us how you like them!

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