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Russian Internet users cling to their privacy as Telegram ban is announced

Update, April 18th:

Just 4 days after Russia’s telecommunications watchdog banned Telegram, the organization has now blocked around 16 million IP addresses. The decision came as a response to Telegram’s move that transferred a part of its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud servers.

Around 1.8 million IP addresses that belong to Amazon and Google infrastructure are now blocked.

However, Roskomnadzor’s move has led to secondary unwanted effects since it also blocked other web services including online games, mobile apps or cryptocurrency services. Read More

India blocks 857 adult websites in an attempt to prevent children from accessing them


In a move that stems from a totally legitimate concern – children have free access to adult websites – India’s department of telecommunications made a decision that managed not only to enrage its citizens, but also create heated debate regarding civil liberties and personal freedom by banning 857 such sites.

Casting a really wide net in this effort to clean up the Internet and “protect India’s cultural fabric,” as one official stated, the country has also banned popular sites 9gag and CollegeHumor for their not-suitable-for-children content.

Of course, as it often happens in cases like this, the #PornBan quickly became little more than a Twitter hashtag used to make jokes or condemn/criticize the Indian government, because Indians are now using proxy servers or free VPNs to bypass the ban and access the 857 websites again.

With its Free version, CyberGhost is one of the VPNs that India’s citizens are using to reclaim their civil liberties and enjoy an Internet without bans or restrictions.


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