Swipe your way to digital freedom with CyberGhost VPN 6.0 for Android

After the release of CyberGhost VPN 6 for iOS and Windows, our VPN free for Android has also undergone a serious facelift, to make surfing the web privately even easier. In a nutshell, the next lines will present you exactly what this app brings new to the table and why it’s worth your download.

Easier, better, faster, stronger

We’re not paraphrasing the most mysterious electronic duo of the last two decades, Daft Punk, in vain.

CyberGhost VPN 6.0 for Android is faster and more reliable than the previous versions, due to a better VPN integration. This will become conspicuous from the very first taps or swipes you make within the app.

You will also notice a visibly different and user-friendlier design, that will give you the option of encrypting your Internet connection through 4 different profiles.


Which profile suits you best?

When surfing online, we all have different needs. Let’s go through all the 4 profiles available through our new VPN for Android and see which one suits you best and when.

Please bear in mind that regardless of the choice you make, your online activity will be protected through the AES encryption algorithm, your IP will be hidden and no logs will ever be kept. The status of these settings can very easily be checked in the activation screen of each of the below profiles.

Secure WiFi Hotspot

When you’re away from your home or office, for instance when you’re traveling, but not only, you want to be able to connect to a public WiFi without worrying that hackers might steal your personal data.

That is when the Secure WiFi Hotspot profile comes into play. Simply activate it and you can rest assured that your personal data is not recorded or intercepted. We will connect you to the nearest VPN server, as soon as your device enters an unencrypted hotspot.

Furthermore, the app will remember your settings for each WiFi you connect to, so you won’t need to make them manually each time.

Secured Streaming

When you’re on the go, you might want to view TV series or sports shows  that are only available in your country. Moreover, you may want access to content that is blocked in your location. Streaming services like YouTube, Hulu, BBC and many more are only a tap on the screen away.

Activate the Secured Streaming profile, choose the website you wish to unblock and CyberGhost will enable you secure access to that website.

Surf Anonymously

This profile hides your IP address and your internet connection is secured with the strongest encryption type, 256-bit AES. It also blocks tracking and malicious websites so you can enjoy a really smooth and anonymous online experience.

Thus, you will become immune to data spying activities taken by website owners and other online snoopers.

We recommend using the Surf Anonymously profile whenever you just want to surf the web, through various websites or apps. The profile also allows you to choose the country you want to be online from.

Choose My VPN Server

The Choose My VPN Server profile was created for those who wish to customize their VPN connection.

You will be able to manually select the countries you wish to surf from, as well as individual servers from the preferred location.

You can also block tracking, protect yourself against malicious content and save money through data compression.


Out of the 4 profiles, you can enjoy Secure WiFi Hotspot as a free user. For all the other 3 profiles, a Premium subscription is required.

Download our brand-new app from the Play Store or from this link, if you are on your mobile and take it for a test drive.

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Corina Dumitrescu
Corina Dumitrescu

A professional wordsmith, Corina has improved her writing skills through extensive experiences in journalism, advertising and marketing. Curious by nature, she enjoys learning foreign languages and discovering everything, as well as everyone around her.


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  • Great news, but you still haven’t managed to get Netflix working again though unblocking Netflix is one of the top priorities for many customers using your service – as is mine. So unless you get Netflix working again and soon it’s bye, bye CyberGhost for me.
    (BTW: Your customer service is very poor. I’ve written three complaints and none was even answered.)

    • Hi, John! We know that Netflix is a top priority for many of our customers and we are constantly working on finding a solution on the matter. We are probably one of the few ones to have not given up the battle on this front. We do however have numerous other streaming websites and services that you can unblock using CyberGhost, such as Hulu, YouTube or BBC.

      Concerning the other point you drew our attention towards, your feedback was probably sent via the Beta version of our app and although it reached us, we could not answer all requests. Now that the official version of the app is live, it will be easier to contact us. To get in touch with us, you can also try the live chat here: http://s.cgvpn.net/yv .

      Cheers and thank you in advance for understanding!

      • Thanks for your reply, Corina. Good to know that you’re working on the Netflix issue. Since I never got an answer to my feedback, I didn’t even know whether you’re still on that.
        I’ve done a lot of research on the issue and I found that a couple of VPNs still work with Netflix as of January 17 such as Express VPN and Strong VPN. Maybe you guys could try to find out what they’re doing to prevent their users from getting banned from Netflix when using a VPN.
        I’ve been a regular customer for three yeras now I would hate to leave CyberGhost and join another VPN so I hope you people get the Netflix issue fixed in a reasonable amount of time.
        Best regards.

        • Hi John! We are very happy to have such loyal customers with us. We are aware that some of our competitors are still offering the possibility to unblock Netflix, not long ago we were on that list too. How long will they be on that list? No one knows. We are definitely looking for solutions in that direction and we thank you for bearing with us. We try to compensate this through other features and updates and we hope that our efforts don’t go by unnoticed. Cheers and thank you for your useful feedback! It was passed on.

        • Great news, John! Netflix is back, just go to our Unblock Streaming profile and then click on the Netflix icon. Cheers & enjoy!

  • I think its sad that i need a subscription for the useful parts of the app, cant you like make 5 servers availible for testing purposes? Or maybe limited Traffic, just something to work and test with.

    also im experience performance issues in v6.7 on ios.
    thanks pal!

    • Hi, Dominik! CyberGhost is free. The premium subscription has additional features, but if you want to stay protected and encrypt your connection, you can use the free version. Even as a free user you can enjoy the perks of a VPN. If you need additional info please let us know. As for the performance issues is best to contact our support team here http://s.cgvpn.net/yv There’s also a live chat available there. Cheers!

  • I have upgraded to premium but when it starts it goes to the free one I had initially. cannot upgrade free and cannot log in and cyberghost don’t seem at all interested in helping me. I had to go their payment organization to inform them what happened and ask that cyberghost contact me but nothing has happened.

    Yours having wasted 50 dollars

    Nicola Beach

    • Hey Nicola! We are very sorry to hear of this situation. Our colleagues from Support would be more than happy to assist you. Did you try our Live Chat feature on this page: http://s.cgvpn.net/yv? It’s the easiest way to get in touch with one of our Support specialists. They will surely have a solution for the issue you told us about. For sure, your payment was not in vain and it will not be wasted.

  • I want to buy Premium (month-on-month payment). I have few queries but I could not find any contact email where I can post my queries. When a new user goes to Help Center you have FAQs if user does not have premium subscription. Where can a user post queries before buying?

    Please don’t take me wrong. Details of The Team are there but there is no company information.

    • Hi, Rohit! Our colleagues from Support would be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Simply try the Live Chat feature on this page: http://s.cgvpn.net/yv If you are looking for our contact details, you can find them here: https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_us/imprint We do however recommend talking directly to our Support Team for any CyberGhost-related topic. Cheers and we hope this was useful! If not, please let us know and we will surely find a solution.

  • Hi,
    I was so happy to have Netflix USA back – for a couple of days. As of yesterday the service is not working anymore and I’m blocked again.
    Thanks for trying, but maybe you need to find another way of getting around the issue.

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