Security advisory: OpenVPN not working on Samsung S9 and S9+ after update

[Update, January 10] 

Ghosties, we got some good news!

Samsung is rolling out an Android Pie update, fixing the issues with the OpenVPN protocol. Right now, it’s available in 12 countries, but slowly turning global.

Keep an eye on the update and make sure you download it. 😉

Hey, Ghosties!

If you own a Samsung S9 or S9+, you might have noticed issues with your device and VPNs. We wanted to give you a heads-up, so here’s what’s going on.

After the Android Oreo update, the OpenVPN protocol no longer works on your Samsung S9 and Samsung S9+.

CyberGhost VPN isn’t functioning correctly on these two devices, and we’ve stopped distribution.If you’re looking for our VPN in the Play Store of these devices, you won’t find it. This is because we always want to make sure our Ghosties stay protected and get the best service from us.

The problem has been spotted and talked about in Samsung communities. For more details, head here, here or here.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can quickly fix. However, we’re currently working on finding a solution on our side and we’ll keep you updated.

Another alternative would be for Samsung to patch this up with an OS update, but we can no longer wait around for this to happen.

Affected users, hang tight. Help is on the way.

If you’re using any other devices and CyberGhost VPN, you have nothing to worry about. Everything’s fine for you.

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    • Hi there,

      We’re really sorry, but, for the moment, there’s not much we can do. Let’s hope Samsung makes a move to fix the issue soon, so you can resume using CyberGhost correctly.

      We know it must feel unfair, but, unfortunately, this is not dependant on us.

  • Hi,
    my S9+ with a ROM (5G965FXXU2BRG8) last uppdated in august 15th with a security update security update on Auguste 1 does not work too. so it seems it doesn’t work before october. ans last samsung upade.Is there anywork arround available ?

    • As soon as we have news, Adam, we’ll update the post and notify you with a comment here as well. We’re as eager for that fix as you are.

  • I trusted you, I am very very disappointed that one of best-seller of android is not capable of working with your app. You should pay off the impacted people.

    • Hi Nicolas, we’re really sorry for this and wish there was more we could do at this point. We’re really working hard towards finding a solution. Unfortunately, this situation is a consequence of a Samsung update, not of a CyberGhost update but we know that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. We hope to be able to share good news soon!

      • Hello my issue with S9 has not been technically solved, it looks to be impossible, but commercially well solved with customer service. Thanks for your reactivity.

    • Hi Jan,

      Unfortunately, what may look like normal app behavior is not the real thing. It can happen that the app appears to be working but the connections are not created as they should. Sorry for the bad news. 🙁

  • What’s irritating is that there is no talk of compensation or free extension. I’ve used you guys for years, even when prices went up. Now may have to look else where if we can’t get something more than “Sorry, yeah Samsung, it sucks”

    • Hi Ken,

      We understand your frustration and we’re trying really hard to find a way to restore functionality. Wish we could ease your way but subscriptions are managed through Google Play and we cannot change them, although we really wish we could.

  • Also Note9 is affected.Hope you guys to fix it soon.I have the first one who reported the problem on cyberghost and i see untill now is no fix!

    • We always appreciate your feedback and help, Marian!

      Our team is working hard to find a fix for this, so you can use your subscription as intended. Hope to be able to share some good news soon!

  • Just purchased a 3 year subscription tonight and am very disappointed that my primary phone is not protected at all. I feel like I’ve wasted my money. Good thing im within my trial period. If not fixed before my trial ends I’ll be cancelling service.

  • The s9 plus is my primary device. Just bought a 3 year plan. You should offer us a refund for the cost of getting another VPN until you fix this issue.

    • Hi Phil,

      We understand your frustration and you can be sure that our team is focused on delivering a solution as soon as possible. Our goal is always to help you make the most of your subscription.

  • Hi,
    i found this workaround to make it works on a S9 and S9+ device.
    1) get an apk of cyberghost and install it on you S9/+ device (i backuped the apk from my S7 for instance)
    2) just install openvpn client from the Play Store (just install it no launch needed)
    3) switch off your S9/+ then swtich on your s9/+ (no reboot)
    there it should works? you can verify it with an ip check tools.

    When it stops working (sometimes it comes after changing server or reboot your device):
    1) you need to kill cyberghost en delete cache
    2) you need delete cache and all data from openvpn client
    3) switch off your S9/+ then swtich on your s9/+ (no reboot)
    Then it should work again.
    Hope it will helps you

  • Posible fix with the November update.Note9 i think is fixed.I have just test it and works like before.I will keep you updated!

  • Updated : Android Pie come with the VPN fix for the third models S9/S9+ and Note9.
    I am a beta tester on android Pie Note9 and i see is fixed.No more fake connections.All connection are with Cyberghost!
    Final android Pie release will be on January so please have a bit of patience!

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