Quick and easy online safety tips for students

Students worldwide, the exciting time for a new academic year when you hear the school bell ringing again is about to start.

However, we all know study is no longer limited to going to the library and taking notes. You access various type of technologies, both in school and at home, from reading a book on your Kindle to using all types of online communication tools with your peers and teachers as well.

What you need to know is that some of the cutting-edge technology used in classroom is most of the time not protected, in terms of your personal information. Simply because many apps used in education collect and use student data.


How safe are the online educational technology tools?

As you know, what you do online and all website pages you land on can be easily tracked. Usually, your internet provider may use your data for various purposes and most times, you won’t even know they do so. As a student, you spend a lot of time online, doing research for homework and other projects.

Here is what a typical day of school may look like to you:

  • Use online services to access class readings
  • Watch video tutorials or demonstrations
  • Comment on class activities
  • Complete essays or assignments on special online platforms

If any of these apps or tools requires you to log in with a username and password, the internet provider can have access to your education records and personal information.

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But this information belongs to you only and you should be able to protect it!


Be a smart student!

Many companies offer online services to schools that also provide online access to student records, such as attendance, grades, etc. In theory, schools should thoroughly check contracts of these companies and make sure they include a privacy policy that comply with student record laws. Since you’ll never know that actually happens, try to find the answer to these questions:

  1. Do you have to make an account in order to start using an app? If so, did you have to provide personal information (email, name, age, etc.)?
  2. Does the app give you access to your email and other information after you’ve created the account?
  3. Does the app developer share your information with others?
  4. Does the app collect additional information such as location or contacts?

I know, it already sounds too complicated to find out the answers to all these questions. Even if everything seems to be quite safe, it’s best that you use a second layer of protection.


Use a VPN to protect all your records and data

By installing a VPN (virtual private network) on your device, whether it’s on your laptop, phone or tablet, you will make sure your online privacy is safe and sound.

Download CyberGhost VPN for free and securely protect your online activity. How does CyberGhost work? In simple words, by installing CyberGhost, you will connect to a CyberGhost server that will hide your IP address and replace it with a new one, shared with many other users. This way, no one will be able to take a peek inside your computer or phone.

What is even greater with CyberGhost is that it can also block malicious content websites, so those that are not safe in terms of online security. Find out all that CyberGhost is capable of by accessing this link.

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  • You have to be extra cautious as a student. It is not always safe to be online, but you can follow rules to make sure that you are doing it in the right way. Always practice safe browsing online for your own privacy and safety.

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