These holidays, the only thing that should be public is your letter to Santa

The winter holidays are just around the corner, which means that soon enough, we’ll be doing plenty of online shopping, travelling and social media browsing. The Christmas and New Year’s cheer may get us into a mood for sharing, but we recommend limiting our enthusiasm to the offline world. Online privacy is the way to go, even when we’re in a celebratory mood.

Here are 3 tips and tricks for a merry and headache-free holiday season:


  1. Even Santa is coming online this year, but he’s taking some safety measures

… you’d better do the same, or you may end up on his naughty list! (just kidding)

Seriously now, although gift shopping is so much easier when you don’t have to stand in line, it does come with some safety risks, such as cyber fraud. Using a VPN (a.k.a. Virtual Private Network, a great tool for online privacy and for unblocking geo-restricted content), you will force “https” URLs and enable safe online payments.

Our recommendation for an efficient and easy to use VPN is CyberGhost, which we also tried on more devices, and it did the job. It can also be a practical gift idea for people who are always online. Ring any bells? Another tip: you must pry phones out of their hands, even when it’s freezing outside. 

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  1. Fight for your right to share, but choose not to

We know that catching up on family time is welcome, but sometimes it can be too much. It can take us out of our usually more active daily routines and social media sometimes seems like a much-needed escape. But before you check in and tell everyone how you left your home for a few days and are now enjoying a big meal with your relatives, think about the fact that you’re practically involving potential burglars in.

The solution? Either limit the audience to your posts so that only trusted people have access to them or update friends concerning your whereabouts through direct messages.

  1. Sometimes, free WiFi is the best possible gift, but…

As much as we enjoy spending Xmas at home, it’s traveling as far away from it that we wish for New Year’s.

So if you’re planning to start 2017 abroad, then you’ll be probably be on the lookout for free, public WiFis since you want to update your close ones with news from your getaway.

But before you click “connect” to that apparently safe-sounding WiFi network, think about the risks. Through an unsecured public WiFi, you’re basically handing out hackers personal information, such as passwords to your work e-mail account or credit card details.

This is where a VPN such as CyberGhost can come in handy, as it protects your WiFi connection by encrypting all your internet traffic.


That being said and all precautionary measures taken, we wish you happy holidays, both online and offline!

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Corina Dobre
Corina Dobre

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