Which country shall we launch the next CyberGhost VPN servers at?

By adding our first foreign servers in the US we’ve rewrote the rules of global anonymity online, and this was only our first step towards the expansion and internationalisation of our service.

Now we would like to know your opinion!

Our goal is to improve our service for every individual user, this is why have put together a list of potential countries which would be most attractive for our new servers to launched at.
Let us know, which IP you would like to use in the future to finesse the borders lied by present IP-geolocation-based services and websites.

Your desired country is not in the list? Not a problem at all, just leave a short comment under this article naming your country and briefly explaining why you would like the servers to be set up there.


Anonymizer CyberGhost VPN celebrates it's 500,000th user

The time has come:  in the evening of September the 28th 2010,  at approximately 9pm, we have broken the 500.000 CyberGhost VPN users mark.

Which means that the anonymizer now has half a million users. Especially for a service like ours, where the anonymity is based on the amount of users being online simultaneously, it is a tremendous success.

As promised, the winner will be presented with a luxurious weekend. The winner will be informed as soon as he logs into the account management of his CyberGhost VPN account. Further information will be provided there.

We’re giving the 500,000th CyberGhost VPN user a luxurious weekend!

We are making great strides towards the milestone of our 500,000th user. The CyberGhost VPN team would like to celebrate this event by giving our 500,000th registered user a luxurious weekend with no expense spared. We will pay for a top-class hotel, dinner in the finest Italian restaurant, along with a superb program of evening entertainment at a trendy night spot, and anything else you need to make you feel like one of the top 500,000.

You will, of course, be informed when we have reached this milestone and who the lucky person is, as always, here and via all the other familiar channels.


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US servers test run over

As of today, our public US Server Test stage is officially over.

During the testing period, we were only confronted with minor problems which could be managed and solved quickly.
US servers users were offered a high bandwidth allowing them, for instance, to smoothly stream series episodes on Hulu.com.

News on the future of the US Servers shall be announced within the next few days.

We thank our users for testing the servers.

U.S. server available again

We recently started experimenting with American servers, unfortunately our hopes and prospects were not quite fulfilled when it came down to speed and capacity, yet.

Starting today our US server Washington is available for our Premium users again, the name Washington in this case do not refer to the city, but rather the American President. Any new potential US servers will also carry the names of Presidents.

We would also like to point out, that some American Videosites can still display the message that the content is not available in this particular region. In this case the website requests the computer’s local time, and bans the user if the latter is not within the US time zone.

The next CyberGhost VPN update will offer a new feature to optionally correct the local time zone to avoid the mentioned problems.

Surf in safety month by month at a special price

Regular CyberGhost Basic users already know that CyberGhost VPN can free you from that uneasy feeling of having to rely on the state or your ISP and gives you security, anonymity and protection from identity theft, particularly if you are an occasional surfer.

This is the best way of combining high performance with ease-of use. For only €7.99 per month, we are offering you the complete premium service.

With the CyberGhost special subscription at €7.99, you can move safely and anonymously through the Internet every month and enjoy easy, high-speed surfing, secure in the knowledge that no one is eavesdropping on you.

Conditions: The special subscription covers an unlimited period and does not need to be renewed every month. In other words, you will be charged the special price every month and do not need to move to the standard price of €9.99 when the subscription expires. If you want to go back to the basic service in future, that’s easy too. You can terminate your special subscription giving just a month’s notice. But let’s be honest, will you really want to?

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