Update: CyberGhost VPN [en]

A minor update to CyberGhost VPN has been released today. Here’s a changelog:

  • The server choice dialog is now resizable
  • Server suggestions are now being made based on the complete server list, not a single country
  • Further improvements of CGRepair, which now automaticlly fixes a driver installation problem while running Windows XP

Small improvements to the load balancing system have also been made.

CyberGhost server Musca sets some new rules

Right on time for Christmas we present you with a new feature in the fight against the state and internet-sniffers. Our new test-server Musca can’t wait for you to go all the way with it, figuratively of course.

All premium users can knock themselves out and download without a traffic limit. Why you ask?

We are developing a new traffic flatrate here at CyberGhost VPN, which means the usual 40 GB limit will be forgotten. The only downer right now is the bandwidth per user, since we cannot offer a bandwidth flatrate with our traffic flatrate.


CyberGhost VPN 2011 has been officially released

Since yesterday, December the 14th, the new version of the anonymity software CyberGhost VPN is officially out. After a short beta testing period, all the issues have been resolved- now it is even more easier for the user to surf anonymously.

The new version offers a new well-arranged user interface, which allows anonymous surfing with less clicks.

Here are all the changes in detail:

  • New, adjusted design
  • Automatic time zone adjustment (currently only active for US servers)
  • AntiSpy module
  • Easier server choice thanks to the new dialog, particular countries can now be selected directly
  • You should also take a look at the new server-choice-dialog, we now show you servers that will be availible through an upgrade
  • The blocking of the internet connection after a connection loss is now the default option, which if not desired can be turned off in the settings menu
  • The CyberGhost repair option now identifies more errors independently and repairs the dependencies of internal Windows services
  • The CyberGhost VPN services now starts first at software start up (default type is now manual)
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

To get the new version simply run the CyberGhost client, The update will then automatically download and install.

CyberGhost VPN launched new beta

Just in time for Christmas, the CyberGhost team is currently working on the perfect surprise for it’s users – a new version of CyberGhost VPN is coming down the chimney. As usual, we provide an open beta-version, and would like for you to test it.

We yet again present a wide range of changes and new functionality, mainly concentrating on the usability of the software and the design. A new function for an easier handling of the security settings is included as well.

[UPDATE: The beta test has ended. You will get the new version automatically by restarting your client.]



Anonymization service CyberGhost VPN reveals winner of the 500,000th user prize.

Internet anonymization service CyberGhost VPN reaches a new milestone in its history.
S.A.D. has passed the 500,000 user mark in next to no time. It therefore decided to splash out, which meant that the 500,000th registered user was given a luxury weekend worth EUR 500. This included a top-class hotel, a meal in the finest Italian restaurant, along with a superb program of evening entertainment, and anything else you need to make you feel like one of the top 500,000.

The CyberGhost VPN winner is shown in the picture

The CyberGhost VPN winner is shown in the picture

If you want to find out more about who the CyberGhost VPN winner is, how he received his prize at S.A.D.’s head office in Ulm and how he spent his day in Ulm, going out to eat, in his hotel and sightseeing, watch the fotostory:

Which country shall we launch the next CyberGhost VPN servers at?

By adding our first foreign servers in the US we’ve rewrote the rules of global anonymity online, and this was only our first step towards the expansion and internationalisation of our service.

Now we would like to know your opinion!

Our goal is to improve our service for every individual user, this is why have put together a list of potential countries which would be most attractive for our new servers to launched at.
Let us know, which IP you would like to use in the future to finesse the borders lied by present IP-geolocation-based services and websites.

Your desired country is not in the list? Not a problem at all, just leave a short comment under this article naming your country and briefly explaining why you would like the servers to be set up there.


Anonymizer CyberGhost VPN celebrates it's 500,000th user

The time has come:  in the evening of September the 28th 2010,  at approximately 9pm, we have broken the 500.000 CyberGhost VPN users mark.

Which means that the anonymizer now has half a million users. Especially for a service like ours, where the anonymity is based on the amount of users being online simultaneously, it is a tremendous success.

As promised, the winner will be presented with a luxurious weekend. The winner will be informed as soon as he logs into the account management of his CyberGhost VPN account. Further information will be provided there.

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