Déjà-vu: Another Double Impact Offer!

We hit you once with our famous Double Impact offer – we do it again. Not just because we like to surprise you, but because, we believe as well, that the more Internet security one can establish, the better it is. And that’s exactly, what you will get: more Internet security, provided by CyberGhost (your powerhouse response to online surveillance and content restrictions) and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, one of the best Anti-Malware tools around.

In detail we offer you 12 months of CyberGhost Premium VPN (worth € 79.99) 50 % off the regular price plus 1 year Emsisoft Anti-Malware (worth: € 40) for free, ready to go home with you right now!

This offer is valid in the time between March 02nd and March 30th and saves you unbelievable € 40 on 12 months CyberGhost Premium VPN subscription plus another € 40 on Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Just pay € 39.99 for both products and save 67 % of the real price.

You can subscribe to our ‘Déjà-vu’ offer by clicking on this link.

CEO-Blog: CyberGhost Privacy Browser for iPad & iPhone!

The CyberGhost Privacy Browser for iPad & iPhone will get you secured and anonymous into the Internet – which is exactly what you need, if you want to access the Net on public Hot Spots, private Internet coffee shops, or just the next open WLAN. Instead of letting anybody interested read your data, you encrypt your connection unbreakable with CyberGhost and establish a tunnel right to the Internet through our high performance servers, getting anonymized and keeping all others out at the same time.

And it can do even more for you than ‘just’ securing your connection against data miners and hackers – like bypassing geo restrictions for example and letting you watch blocked content. No doubt, it’s a big annoyance, being far from home and not having access to your favorite media platform, just because your IP address is identifying you as an ‘outlander’. As well as trying to watch a video on YouTube, that’s unfortunately not available in the country, you’re living in at the moment. Just imagine, being an American and paying for Hulu, but not being able to access it on a vacation outside the US? The CyberGhost app fixes that and gives you the ‘right’ IP address. Just choose a server in the country you want to access content from and log-in. It’s just as easy as it sounds.

More: You like to watch a video offline? CyberGhost helps you download it (off selected websites) for later viewing and save it on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Much more: The CyberGhost app will simulate a desktop browser for you, you’d like it to – not just for the fun of it, but because sometimes your Safari browser might get blocked from certain content. Maybe somebody does not like Apple or maybe a webpage designer decided, your iPhone or iPod touch is not the right platform to map his content. Using CyberGhost it will.

More of more: Did you ever wished, you haven’t exposed your email address so often? Or did you ever skipped an interesting offer, just because you were afraid to get spammed? Don’t worry anymore. The CyberGhost app provides you with a unique trash mail feature, that will generate a time limited email address (6 hours, to be exactly) anytime you need one. An integrated email client will fetch all mails, while the address is valid and save them on your device. What better way is there to avoid spam, than not using one’s own address in the first place?

The CyberGhost Privacy Browser is out now and available in Apple’s iTunes Store for a special introductory price of just $ 4,99 instead of later $ 5,99. Its minimum requirement is iOS 3.2 (default for iPad 1 & iPhone 3G).

Click here: >> Apple iTunes Store <<

Wave goodbye to the CyberGhost online safe – and prepare for ‘the Cloud’

Times of change are always a little bit difficult. Like we all are forced to notice right now – staff and subscribers alike. At least those of you, who tried to activate their online safe after activating a new subscription. It doesn’t work!

The reason is simple: The online safe will be shut down soon – and exchanged by a much better alternative: the ‚CyberGhost Cloud‘. Right now we are working full time on the project, and if everything will progress the way we want it to, the official release will be in the second quarter of 2012. And, yes, the new cloud will have the same high standards of security, you always liked about CyberGhost. But, no, we will not tell you more about the features to expect at this stage. Just stay tuned and let us surprise you …

Back to the bad news: Because of the work on the cloud project and the preliminary measures to shut down the old data safe, new subscribers can not activate the latter. Just accounts with a working online safe will be able to use it up to the time, the respective subscription will run out. Which means, that after some time all old online storage will have been closed. Regarding future offers the data safe is already spared out. We do apologize, though, for any inconvenience a new subscriber might have had, trying to activate the soon be obsolete online safe.

More details will be released soon. Please, stay tuned …

Three Strike(s) Back!

You most probably heard about it: America’s famous ‘Three Strikes’ law for common criminals shall be exported to the Internet and the rest of the world, like in France, where the model is already established. The idea: Every time a user does a ‘wrong’ move online, he will get a warning (1st strike), a more serious warning (2nd strike) and then be cut off from the Internet (3rd strike), if she doesn’t stop doing, what she was doing .

You don’t like that? Neither do we. But we do like our own ‘Three Strikes’ pattern, which actually is a ‘Three Strike(s) Back’ model: Get 12 months CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN 30 % off the regular price and take 1 year Emsisoft Anti-Malware and MyTube BigPack 5 for free home with you!

Now, that’s what we call a Three Strike!

If you order between Feb. 10th and Feb. 29th you will save € 35.70 on 12 months CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN subscription € 40 on Emsisoft Anti-Malware and  19.99 on MyTube BigPack 5. Makes unbelievable € 95,69.

You can subscribe to our ‘Three Strike(s) Back’ offer by clicking on this link.

CEO Blog: A new Client has arrived

We have developed CyberGhost because we believe in a free Internet. We believe that more and more people wish to protect their privacy, to access WLAN safely and to avoid irritating Internet blocking such as “This video is not available in your country”.

Privacy, security and freedom. These ideas are the guidelines for developing and operating the best VNP service feasible both from the technical and the legal perspective. In this context, we found ourselves torn between the “security“ and the “usability“ of the service. Because making the service safer does not mean making it more user-friendly as well. In fact, it is often quite the opposite, as safer means less user-friendly.

So far, we have constantly tried to reach a compromise and the result was always that we could not always reach our goal to have the best product on the market. Now we have taken the decision that in the future, if there is any doubt, to choose having more “security“, even if this would occasionally mean giving up on the “usability“.

There is always a great deal of discussion about the reason why we ask for an e-mail address when we create a user account. The answer is simple: without an e-mail address it would be impossible to restore a password. This function is important when it comes to “usability“. On the other hand, there is the legitimate question why does a VPN provider ask for personal data such as e-mail address. Even if we store these data only as hash value and we have no access to these data. In the end, they should take our word for it – or not. We are well aware of the fact that you generally trust us, but however do not believe everything we tell you. Nevertheless, we are proud to announce that there were no Security Leak and no data transfer at CyberGhost so far, as it happened for example to our competitor HideMyAss .

We have developed a new Client that will be published in the following weeks. We are adapting in parallel the entire user account management. This will apply first to the new user accounts and then we will convert all the old user accounts. In the future, it will no longer be necessary to enter the e-mail address in order to create a CyberGhost user account. We will request only a user name and a password of choice. And that will be all. After the user name has been created, a PUK number (Personal Unblocking Key – PUK) is generated, that you can either print or save for further reference to recover your password.

>> Download Beta-Version (German Language only) <<

The result will be increased security, but lower user-friendliness. The user will have to securely keep their PUK number, as otherwise a forgotten password can no longer be recovered. On the other hand, this system will guarantee that CyberGhost no longer stores personal data in the system. And if there are no data stored, no data leaks can exist – except for the cases in which a person is so dumb as to use his or her name, forename and address to create a user name.

The only e-mail addresses we save in or database are the addresses of our Newsletter subscribers, to whom we send news and special offers on a regular basis. We shall keep these e-mail addresses stored SEPARATELY from all other user accounts (another database, another server) and of course we shall NEVER disclose them to third parties.

We hope that our users will regard this change in the management of the user accounts as a positive one. Should it become clear that the PUK password recovery leads to too many problems in practice, we can and we will switch back any time.

Otherwise, 2011 was a good year:

• We continued to expand our network and we managed to install more servers in other countries. In the meantime, our user can access more than 60 servers in 16 countries worldwide, among which there are six servers in the US for those of us who are Streaming fans.

• We moved into our new HQ in Bucharest: We managed to completely relocate out company to Bucharest, Romania, to expand our team and to transfer and establish the good old CyberGhost in a new home. Due to its liberal network policy, Romania is one of the best locations that anyone could wish for an anonymizing tool.

• The CyberGhost community has reached a spectacular number and not long ago it was able to welcome its one-millionth user.

• A new Fallback System was implemented, in order to guarantee a better future protection against failures; last year we implemented a new redundant Login System with two log-in servers in Switzerland and the Czech Republic, whose aim was to ensure the smooth access to the service even in cases of intense use and unforeseeable technical problems.

• For instant anonymizing directly in the browser the users can use a proxy free of charge available on our homepage. The new free proxy has already been available for some time in beta operating mode and shall soon go live.

• And remember: We included the finest merchandise articles with cool slogans into our program. Check them out at spreadshirt.net. You will surely find something you like.

• We put online three own DNS servers to internationalize the process of awarding addresses and to free it from all censorship and/or blocking attempts. Additionally, they will increase the surfing speed, as the DNS resolution works faster through several servers and everything will no longer be routed to Germany as before, except if someone mistyped or the TTL has run out (the time period for the server to answer).

For us, 2012 will not be a year to sit back and do nothing:

At the moment, we are in the process of becoming certified by QSCert , an independent certification body similar to the German TÜV according to ISO 27001 + ISO 9001. This measure was taken to improve our security processes and out quality management and render them more transparent.

An iPhone/iPad-App is also in the pipeline; it will replace Apple’s own browser and remove the country restrictions.

We are also working on a project called CyberGhost Cloud that will become public in the second quarter of 2012.

You will find additional information about this project and other projects on our blog.

See you soon!
Robert Knapp, CEO CyberGhost SRL

Emsisoft Anti-Malware For Free

We just add another fine thing to our current Doomnation Campaign: The Double Impact Add-on ‘CyberGhost plus Anti-Malware’, which brings you an increase of more than 100 % Internet security and savings of nearly 70 %. Pay just € 49.99 and get 12 months of CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN (worth: € 118.99) plus 12 months of Emsisoft Anti-Malware (worth: € 40) and save amazing € 109. But, and here’s the bad part, you probably need to hurry, since we only had been granted 1.000 copies of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and will stop this offer as soon as they all are gone.




Which reminds us of our original Dommnation Offer: In the time between Jan. 13th and Feb. 05th you can order a 3 months CyberGhost Premium Plus subscription (usually € 39.99) at just the price of Classic (€ 16.99):


Double Impact Add-on ‚CyberGhost plus Anti-Malware‘

Wir haben gerade unsere Doomnation-Kampagne erweitert: Mit dem Double Impact Add-on ‚CyberGhost plus Anti-Malware‘ erhöhst du deine Sicherheit im Internet um glatte 100 % und sparst dabei auch noch jede Menge Geld. Für nur € 49,99 erhältst du ein Jahr CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN (Wert: € 118,99) plus 1 Jahr Emsisoft Anti-Malware (Wert: € 40) und behältst die verbliebenen € 109 ganz für dich. Allerdings, und das ist die schlechte Nachricht: Du solltest dich beeilen, denn wir haben nur 1.000 Lizenzen von Emsisoft Anti-Malware bewilligt bekommen – und sind die vergeben, müssen wir das Angebot einstellen.

Um zum Angebot zu gelangen, klicke bitte auf folgenden Link: http://s.cgvpn.net/6G


Apropos Doomnation Offer: In der Zeit zwischen dem 13. Januar und 5. Februar kannst du ein 3-Monats-CyberGhost-Premium-Plus-Abo (kostet normalerweise € 39,99) zum Preis des Classic-Abos für nur € 16,99 erwerben: http://s.cgvpn.net/6y


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