Top Online Privacy Predictions for 2012

Truste made public some predictions for 2012 and I mention:

  1. FTC goes after websites for privacy violations related to third-party tracking – this is something good for the users. The Companies will start to be held accountable for tracking conducted by third parties on their sites.
  2. Ad privacy notice and choice goes mobile –  The Companies will have to implement a mobile privacy solution now and offer customers a policy optimized for display on mobile devices.
  3. Privacy becomes a hot job skill – This is self explanatory
  4. Location-based technology breaks national news
  5. Europe says ‘When in Rome, follow our privacy rules’ – US companies that will do business in Europe will have to follow EU countries’ individual privacy standards
  6. Congress will NOT pass a privacy bill – I think this is a sure prediction in my opinion

Xmas Bundle

Christmas is like decision making in politics, at least if it’s not a heart affair like saving Wall Street.  First nothing happens for a very long time, then something appears far away on the radar – and then it suddenly impacts: GOD DAMMIT! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?

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EU: new rules for data cloud privacy

Viviane Reding, the EU Justice Commissioner, says, that the non-EU nations should respect the right to privacy of the European users of software that access online data clouds.

Many European companies fear, that the sensitive data transmitted through public clouds with US may be seized under the U.S. Patriot Act surveillance law.

This Pandora box was opened, when Microsoft UK admitted to reporters that the users of the new Office365 aren’t protected against the Patriot Act even if they are Euro citizens. Because Microsoft’s headquarters reside in the US, any data that is hosted or processed by Microsoft could be intercepted by US authorities under the Patriot Act. So storing your data in the Dublin Datacenter doesn’t mean, that you are out of the US authorities.

“Safe Harbor was a nice idea, but didn’t work” said Dutch Member of European Parliament Sophie in’t Veld, because this Safe Harbor could be overridden by the Patriot Act.


Weihnachten ist wie die Entscheidungsfindung in der Politik, wenn es nicht gerade um spezielle Herzensangelegenheiten wie Bankenrettungen geht: Erst passiert lange Zeit nichts, dann taucht es fern auf dem Radar auf – und plötzlich schlägt es ein, frei nach dem Motto: DA KONNTE JA NUN NIEMAND MIT RECHNEN!

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Censorship in Russia near elections

Several independent media websites were attacked on Election Day in Russia with the sole purpose to prevent journalist and rights activists from reporting election violations all over the country.

Several portals (Echo Moskvy radio station, Kommersant newspaper, The New TimesForbes Russia and Bolshoy Gorod) and even blogging services (like LiveJournal) were affected by this massive attack.

With the cyber-attacks preventing observers reporting fraud online, journalists and rights activists instead used Facebook and Twitter to spread and exchange information.


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