Welcome to the new CyberGhost VPN

As you all noticed, we now switched to our new CyberGhost VPN and offer you a Free VPN service with unlimited traffic that allows you to surf the web safe and sound wherever you are.

Our CyberGhost Premium VPN service allows you to access the internet through one of our 150 servers in 19 countries without any bandwith limitations. You have also access to L2TP/IPSec and PPTP to use your CyberGhost VPN on nearly any device you can think of.

We changed the tariff plan, so it’s easier for you to understand and decide for one of the two types of paid subscriptions: Premium and Premium Plus. Currently, our free service covers the basic needs, making a Classic subscription unnecessary.

To celebrate the kickoff of the new CyberGhost VPN, we offer you the 12 Month subscription for a limited amount of time for $39,99 instead of $69,99 and our CyberGhost Premium Plus for $69,99 instead of $109,99.

Right now we are working on the server park to add more servers, optimize the speed and bring back the VIP servers. The VIP servers should be back next week, latest, after they’ve been reconfigured in our dry-dock. Today we added some new servers to our Free Proxy, so we have right now five locations to choose from.

We also ordered a lot of new servers. That means that our server park will grow in the next month, especially in the USA, France and UK.

We also installed a new login sever infrastructure. We work now with a load balancer and a couple of login servers behind that who all access a database cluster. So we shouldn’t have any login problems in the future and can grow without any trouble.

The new CyberGhost VPN: More power – less charges!

Permanent traffic flatrate for all CyberGhost VPN subscriptions

Right now, CyberGhost VPN is heading towards 2 Million users, getting more and more popular all over the world. The company started in 2004, in Germany, moved to Romania  in 2011 and right now, our customers are spread all over the world. While in the beginning most of them came from Germany, today the biggest user-group is from US, followed by Germany, France, the Russian Federation and UK, but also by Countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia or the Philippines. We are glad that our users gave us the chance to develop from a local service provider to an international company with more than 20 employees (and still growing).

CyberGhost VPN is still dedicated to one thing: We want to provide you with the best VPN-service that is legally and technically possible. And for that we decided to say goodbye to some old limitations in our service and introduce some new features:

Traffic flat rate: CyberGhost VPN has no longer a traffic limitation for the free- or promo-subscriptions, or for the paid services. That’s true for all our new subscribers, but also for all our existing users. No matter if you are a Classic-, Premium-, Premium Plus- or a Promo-User, we keep the service unlimited. In the next days, you will receive updates of our client and the online user control panel where you will no longer find a traffic overview. Say bye bye to the traffic limit!

Bandwidth: We will increase the bandwidth for all our paid users and decrease it for our free users. The new limitation for the paid users is very easy to get because there will be no artificial limitation anymore. The limit is in future related to the internet connection speed of the user on the one hand and on the other hand on the uplink of our VPN servers. Regarding the uplink-speed, we will try to provide you with a minimum or rather an average speed of 6 Mbit/s on a regular Premium-Server.

In future, we give everybody the possibility to access the web safe and secure by offering our free service with a 1 Mbit/s-limitation – that is enough speed to surf the web and to see videos in a web-optimized format.

Server locations: We want to make things easy in the future. All our paid users will have access to all locations where we run servers plus the guarantee that all paid users get also access to all servers we add during their contract period. Premium Plus users will have additional access to an extended server park with high security servers. These servers are especially configured for providing a higher security level (for example a 256bit encryption).

Because of the fact that our existing VIP-servers as high speed-only servers make no sense any longer since all users have unlimited bandwidth and since we optimize all server on speed, we change all existing VIP-servers settings to the new high security-settings.

Premium users can auto-connect to a server next to their location or they choose their server manually by selecting it from our server list. Free users will have access to a basic server park and get automatically connected.

Protocols: Our free service provides a basic protection for a user on his PC, but does not provide a 360 degrees solution for someone’s digital life. That’s what we want to offer, along with our paid plans – protect our costumers wherever they are, regardless which device they use. All paid subscriptions contain the necessary protocols to protect our users on PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets and so on. We support OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP.

On a Premium account you can connect to a single device at the same time, our Premium Plus subscriptions gives you the freedom to be online on up to 5 devices at the same time.

We decided also to leave out our Classic subscription and lower the prices for our updated Premium from 79,99 EUR to 49,99 EUR and our Premium Plus from 118,99 EUR to 79,99 EUR.

What happens with our old subscribers? Well, our existing users benefit from most of the changes. There will be no bandwidth and traffic limitation any longer. All paid users will get access to all our protocols like Open VPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. Existing Premium Plus users will be updated to the new Premium Plus subscription.

We will gradually launch the changes until Friday and we are sure they will improve your whole internet-surfing experience.


Update from 08. February 2013:

So, if you ever thought about leveling up to a paid user, maybe now is the right time to do it. Click here to go to our purchase page.

Note: Also our existing Premium users will be updated to the new Premium subscription.

CyberGhost VPN now with L2TP/IPsec support

It’s January and the CyberGhost team tries its best to keep its New Year’s resolutions and offer you the best tool for guarding your privacy, freedom and security in the online environment. Recently we started adding new features and improving as much as possible the old ones, as I am sure you noticed these days.

After the facelift of the website, the new IPs and the implementation of PPTP to all the servers, it felt like there was still room for improvement. So, we really wondered what we could do this time to surprise you in a pleasant way, and after we gave it a thought, we came up with an idea.

We launched a new protocol L2TP/IPsec which uses the highest encryption, comes with a built-in support for PCs, mobile devices and tablets, and can be used along with Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Linux.

We hope you have a great time using it and we look forward to hearing your feedback along with new ideas and suggestions.

5 New Servers Added to The CyberGhost VPN Network

We have added 5 new servers in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is the capital, and largest city, of the U.S. state of Arizona, as well as the sixth most populous city in the United States of America, and is also the most populous state capital in the United States.

Our paid users can easily connect to this location via our CyberGhost VPN client.

Note that Classic VPN subscribers can connect to 1 server, Premium VPN subscribers to 3 of them and Premium Plus VPN subscribers to all of them (4 normal + 1 VIP).

Have fun and stay tuned for more.

Click here for > Server Overview <

CEO-Blog: How we will manage to grow

Hey Ghosties,

Our service is growing. As many of you noticed, we went from an average of around 2.500 users online to up to 5.000 users. That means that the load of the service has been doubled during a few weeks. And it’s still growing. That’s amazing. Especially because we grow in countries where we were not very well known in the beginning, like: US, UK, France and also in regions like Morocco, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

We improved a lot of things in the last month and it seems that now, we reap what we sow. We added a lot of server locations and IPs, we launched the support for a new protocol, PPTP and we did a lot of changes “behind the scenes” to make our service more stable. And finally we offer, since a couple of weeks, unlimited traffic for all our subscribers. Special thanks to our Indiegogo contributors who made all these improvements possible.

The rush on our service caused some problems in the last weeks, so we had to change some things on our login-server and on our general load balancing. It seems that the adjustments had an effect and the service is back to normal right now.

But there are still some things on our roadmap and I want to let you know what the future will bring us.

First of all, we listen to you, our user and will integrate some features you have been asking for. The results of our user survey from the last two month showed that connection speed was a pretty clear priority for you. We asked you on what we should focus first and your answer was totally clear: You want first of all a VPN connection that does not slow down your existing internet connection. These “feature” was more important for you than all the other things like higher encryption, more servers or additional tools. Based on that, we offer you since a couple of days a new auto-login which gives you a slot on the nearest server to your location to provide you a fast connection. Furthermore we will reduce the amount of slots by server to offer you more average bandwidth per user.

Following the “local server” strategy, we will provide you also with free servers in all countries. Right now, we are working on a new update that will make it possible that every single server in our server park can be at the same time a free, premium or proxy-server that supports all protocols like Open VPN, PPTP or (soon) L2TP/IPSec. We will also add local servers in the regions we got popular right now. So we have to add more servers in US and also new servers in Africa and Asia.

Right now our Product Management is preparing the release of L2TP/IPSec. It’s already integrated. We are “just” working on the documentation and integration in our website. It will be available in the next week.

We work also on a complete new tariff system. We are planning to make everything quite simple in the future and offer you just three different subscriptions:

1. Free VPN: We want to keep the free service with unlimited traffic, but we need some sort of funding for that, so we are planning to integrate a donation system. Right now we need around 8.000 USD every month to run the free service. We will see, if our users are willing to donate. As you remember we raised 25.000 USD on Indiegogo in one month, so we can keep the service free for another 2 month now.

We also have to limit the bandwidth on our free service to keep the traffic as low as possible, so we will offer the free service with a 1 Mbit/s connection which is quite enough for surfing the web anonym, safe and without being charged. Also we will keep the notification-system for advertising the paid service and we keep the auto-disconnect after a couple of hours (to make space for active users and kick users that just idle).

You will automatically connect to a free server next to your location.

2. Premium VPN: You get access to all Premium Servers that we have in our server park plus the guarantee that you get also access to all servers we ad during your contract period. There will be no bandwidth limitation (then the technical limitation of the servers) and no forced disconnect.

You have also access to all protocols like Open VPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

You can auto-connect to a server next to your location. You can chose between to different modes, either “Focus on speed” or “Focus on security” and we connect you to a server that fits the best. Or you choose your server manually by choosing it from our server list.

3. Business VPN: Additional to the features of our Premium subscription you will get access to an extended server park with “Highspeed servers” and “Highsecurity servers”. These servers are especially configured for providing either a high connection speed (less crowded and fast connection) or high security (crowded and 256bit encryption).

We hope to make everything easier with that structure, and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Right now we are also working on a iOS-App that allows you to establish a CyberGhost VPN connection through your Apple device and we have also an Android and Mac version on our roadmap.

We hope to launch all the above mentioned things till the summer. We will keep you informed and while we launch everything step by step.

Best regards

CEO and co-founder

From Today, We Offer You Two Different Login-Servers to Choose

Hey Ghosties! We are at the end of a busy week with a lot of improvements and we are still not too tired to make things even better. Shortly before the weekend, our heroic development team was able to finish an important step towards a complete new load balancing system that we have on our roadmap: we offer you from today two different login-servers to choose.

The first one is called “Primary Login Server” and the second one is called “Secondary Login Server”. The second one is still a beta-server and available for an alternative login to CyberGhost VPN.

As you can see, we are working a lot “behind the scenes” to pimp the whole network. The reason is a growth in user numbers in the last month. So we are optimizing right now two things: first the login stability and the connection speed on our servers.

The connection speed seems to be important for you. One of the results of our survey was that you guys like to have a faster connection more than a lot of other things (like new servers, more encryption etc.).

We already launched some improvements regarding the connection speed. The auto-login sends you now automatically to a server close to you. US-users to a US-Server, German-users to a German-server and so on… That provides a faster connection then sending you to a faraway server.

We will also add more free servers in all the locations where we are not represented right now with a free server.

Smartphone and Tablet Protection for Each and Every Single Server

Last year, we realized that while an increasing segment of population uses smartphones and tablets for checking the mail, searching for information or chatting with friends, oftenly while connected to a public Hotspot, these public internet access points aren’t secure, posing a threat to one’s personal data, like credit card numbers, passwords, adresses or IPs.

We adressed this problem by integrating PPTP technology, which makes it easier for you to secure your internet connection by using VPN on your android or iOS gadgets, without any configurations and settings needed. The first servers to allow a PPTP connection were the ones located in Germany, Romania, United States and the Netherlands.

And because this feature was a real success, more and more people demanding PPTP access to other servers as well, we managed to make it available for all of them. So starting from today, you are able to surf the internet safe and secure, knowing no boundaries wherever you are and no matter what server you choose to connect to.

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