Black Friday is approaching

What’s that? Black Friday is approaching? Indeed it is, and this non-official holiday brings many gifts along with it. Black Friday is the name given to the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In time, this shopping madness has extended and is no longer an exclusive U.S. tradition, becoming one of the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. In layman’s terms, “Black Friday” indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or are “in the black”.

CyberGhost welcomes this urban tradition with a very special limited offer: 70% off on 1 month of Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions, fresh out of the Ghostie oven! So get set, on your marks… The race starts on 23.11.2012 and lasts exactly 24 hours. Hurry up and get protected!

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CyberGhost publishes PPTP!

CyberGhost officially ended its PPTP beta phase and integrated Point-to-Point to its services. PPTP is another protocol technique beside the generally utilized OpenVPN to establish an encrypted tunnel to the CyberGhost network and advisable, if OpenVPN is no option. With the additional PPTP feature Premium and Premium Plus subscribers can connect to the CyberGhost network, even if their respective device does not support OpenVPN or is too complicated to set up

To get PPTP installed is extremely easy. Just open the network connection settings of your device, choose a new VPN connection (often even called that way) and enter the needed personal data to get access to the CyberGhost network. Note, though, that this data is only available for Premium and Premium Plus  users. It can be found in the respective online account. Please click on the entry ‘PPTP configuration’ in the right handed side menu and note the password and the server addresses you get there. The PPTP password is needed to avoid putting your regular CyberGhost account at risk, if your PPTP connection will ever be compromised.







At the time of introducing PPTP CyberGhost offers up to September, 30th, 2012 special conditions on each Premium or Premium Plus subscription, which also include UNLIMITED TRAFFIC!

  • New subscribers: Any new 1 year Premium or Premium Plus subscription will be available with a 30 % discount, PPTP and unlimited traffic included.
  • Upgrade from Classic: Any Classic subscription can be upgraded to Premium or Premium Plus at the usual conditions. Depending on the time left on your subscription and the wanted Premium Plan one will get a counterbalance of months. Details on this you will find in your account under ‘tariff information’. Of course an upgrade will include PPTP and unlimited traffic.
  • Upgrade from Premium or Premium Plus: Existing Premium and Premium Plus users can upgrade to PPTP and unlimited traffic for a small onetime fee of € 7.99 (Premium) or € 9.99 (Premium Plus).

CyberGhost opened PPTP beta for public!

CyberGhost recently started its PPTP beta phase. PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is another VPN protocol, which you can use to get access to the CyberGhost network without any third party software. BUT: Please always check, if you can instead use OpenVPN or the CyberGhost client. PPTP is not as safe as OpenVPN and therefore only an option, if you are lagged in a situation, where you can’t use OpenVPN or your device does not support it.

To get PPTP up and running is extremely easy. Just open the network connection settings of your device, choose a new VPN connection (often even called that way) and enter one of the following addresses, when asked for a server:

Of course you must decide, which server it should be, but usually you are free to create as much VPN connections as you like to and therefore can build three different ones for different countries to choose from later on.

As long as the beta test is running, please use cyberpptpv both as a username and as the password.

After closing beta and transferring PPTP officially into the CyberGhost universe, you need to generate a PPTP password in your online account. This is due to security reasons. Like said, PPTP is not as safe as OpenVPN and more a fallback, when OpenVPN is no option. Having different passwords reduces the danger of having your CyberGhost account being cracked significantly.

Another important note: Some routers like AVM‘s FritzBox need you to clarify, if you want PPTP being activated. Please consult the manual of your device regarding this matter. It should point out the right things to do.

However, note also, that it’s necessary for us to have an eye on our capacities while being in beta and might reduce the number of open slots from time to time! So, please, don’t get angry, if you can’t always log-in. Might also be, we have to work on the settings and/or techniques.

Have fun testing! Sufficient documentations on how to use PPTP on iPhone, Android etc. are in the pipeline and will be published in our knowledgebase. The German versions are already available.

Summer special at CyberGhost!

Summer 2012 is ready to leave and takes with it this year’s Olympic Games and – unfortunately for some of us – the nice, warm weather it brought us, exchanging it with shorter days and chilly night outs. But no need to be desperate, instead of night outs to your local entertainment centre you can surf the Internet until your cables glow. That for we stitched some special and inexpensive packages for you:

  • Offer 1, for regular surfers, who just fall here and there for some streaming and download adventures: Save 10 % on each 3, 6 or 12 months subscription of CyberGhost Classic VPN. From € 15.92 for 3 months (just € 5.31 per month!). Your savings: up to € 4.99!
  • Offer 2, for frequent surfers with a forgivable foible for streaming and downloads: Save 20 % on each 3, 6 or 12 months subscription of CyberGhost Premium VPN. From € 23.99 for 3 months (just € 8.00 per month!). Your savings: up to € 15.99!
  • Offer 3, for Internet professionals with a really strong urge for streaming platforms and downloads of all sorts: Save gigantic 40 % on each 3, 6 or 12 months subscription of CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN. From € 23.79 for 3 months (just € 7.93 per month!). Your savings: up to € 47.59!

So, get ready for at least 3 months anonymity to get you through this fall, sail along the Internet without worrying about blocked or censored websites and enjoy all the content available, even those, which are obstructed in your country.

Important note: These offers are only available in the extremely short time between August, 30th and September, 02nd.

PPTP-Beta gestartet!

Wir freuen uns, euch den öffentlichen Betastart des PPTP-Protokolls ankündigen zu können. PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) ist ein VPN-Protokoll, welches den Zugriff auf das CyberGhost Netzwerk ohne separate Software ermöglicht. Beachtet aber bitte: PPTP ist nicht so sicher und auch nicht ganz so schnell wie das vom Client verwendete OpenVPN, dessen Nutzung nach wie vor empfohlen wird, wenn man die Wahl besitzt.

Nicht alle Geräte lassen sich aber mit dem OpenVPN-Protokoll verwenden – oder wenn doch, dann nur unter extremen Verrenkungen. Hier kann man dann auf PPTP ausweichen, dessen Einrichtung denkbar einfach ist. Geht dazu in die Netzwerk-Einrichtungseinstellungen eures Handys/Tablets oder Betriebssystem, wählt dort eine neue VPN-Verbindung aus und tragt als Server eine der folgenden Adressen ein:

Ihr müsst euch allerdings für einen der Server entscheiden, anders lässt sich PPTP nicht einrichten. Aber natürlich könnt ihr für jedes angebotene Land eine separate PPTP-Verbindung einrichten und be Bedarf aktivieren.

Als Benutzernamen und als Passwort tragt ihr jeweils cyberpptpv ein.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Einige Router wie beispielsweise die AVM FritzBox erfordern eine separate Freischaltung des PPTP-Protokolls. Informationen hierzu solltest du in der Dokumentation zu deinem Router finden.

Außerdem bedenkt bitte, dass wir in der Betaphase die Kapazitäten streng im Auge behalten und gegebenenfalls die Anzahl der Slots verringern müssen! Sollte es folglich zu Log-in-Problemen kommen, kann es gut sein, dass wir an den Einstellungen feilen.

Viel Spaß beim Testen!

PS: Wie man PPTP auf iOS oder Android einrichtet, findet ihr in unserer Knowledgebase beschrieben. Beachtet bitte, dass Schritt 1 (noch) übersprungen werden kann, da er sich auf die finale Version bezieht.

Android v2:…-verwenden-pptp
Android v4:…-verwenden-pptp

Touchdown: We’re in for some games!

While London mutates into the all seeing eye, CyberGhost attends the United Internet Games in freedom, privacy and security – and now guess, who won the most acclaimed medal of them all? Well, it’s been your favorite friendly neighborhood ghost and he got Gold in ‘No logs’.

You’re heartily invited to join us and establish with us a better Internet, a private one, a free one – and, of course, a more secure one! And here are your medals, waiting for you to get fetched:

  • Bronze: 1 year CyberGhost Classic VPN for just € 39.99 instead € 49.99 (20 % off). Your savings: € 10.00! CyberGhost Classic VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘L’ (20 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Silver: 1 year CyberGhost Premium VPN for just € 55.99 instead € 79.99 (30 % off). Your savings: € 23.99! CyberGhost Premium VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘XL’ (50 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Gold: 1 year CyberGhost Premium Plus for just € 71.39 instead € 118.99 (40 % off). Your savings: € 47.59! CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN means:  Access to all free, premium and VIP servers and traffic flat rate ‘XXL’ (80 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).

You will save up to € 47.59, depending on which subscription you choose. So, let the games begin.

This offer is valid only up to August, 31st. You can subscribe by clicking on this link (bottom left you can change the wanted plan):

Free for a week : CyberGhost Privacy Browser for iPad & iPhone!

Yes, at times we can be really nice guys & gals – and to prove it, we give away our most unique ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser for iPad & iPhone’ for one complete week for free. No hidden tricks, no ulterior motives, no conditions nor bindings nor requirements. Just a gift from us to you!

The ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser for iPad & iPhone’ works with Apple’s iOS and will let you surf the Internet anonymously. It helps to secure your privacy on devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone and allows to download videos from certain platforms for offline viewing. Furthermore it helps to circumvent geo blockades and censorships, comes with a trash mail function to avoid spam and a browser simulation of the iOS Safari to access contents behind artificial digital walls. In short: It’s the little brother of your favorite neighborhood ghost for your mobile compadres and brings a lot more privacy, security and freedom to the Apple world.

You can download the ‘CyberGhost Privacy Browser for iPad & iPhone’ for free in the week between July, 20th and 27th , 2012 on Apple iTunes Store – and just in this week. Not before nor after, because we might be nice guys, but we still need to pay our rent!

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