Latest CyberGhost updates: fresh server locations and streaming channels

CyberGhost largely supports internet freedom and is continually looking to satisfy a larger number of users. That is why in October, we added 10 new countries to our server park, thus reaching a total of 40 server-locations. And that is just in one month, plus more servers are about to be added soon.

Until then, here are the latest CyberGhost server locations (each country including 4 servers, totaling 40 new servers).

  • Brazil
  • Moldova
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Albania
  • South Africa
  • Portugal
  • India
  • Costa Rica
  • Slovakia
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If you want to see the entire list of CyberGhost servers and locations, check out our servers overview dedicated web page.

Switching to the SHA256 authentication algorithm

News number 2 is that starting November 2nd, 2017, your connection to CyberGhost will be made through the SHA256 authentication algorithm. This change came due to many requests from our users in this sense. If you are using the CyberGhost app, no need to worry on any new configuration set up. However, if you want to install CyberGhost on Linux, routers and other devices, either download a new configuration file from or manually change from “auth md5” to “auth sha256” from the Security tab.

For more information on the topic, check out our very useful Support articles.

Now, you can enjoy new streaming channels with CyberGhost!

We know this is something many of you have been expecting so the waiting time is over. We recently added new streaming channels to our “Unlimited Streaming” profile, which is currently available on Windows, Android and iOS devices. Use your CyberGhost subscription to reap the benefits of online services, such as online streaming, while enjoying privacy and security.

Interested already? Do you want to gain access to all services? Extend or choose a CyberGhost subscription and explore Internet’s unlimited potential while you also protect your digital privacy!

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Dana Vioreanu
Dana Vioreanu

Even though her degree is in Sociology, which technically has nothing to do with writing, all her previous jobs implied working for websites, taking care of content and writing articles.
By the way, if you’re interested in studying abroad, feel free to ask her a few pointers, because for about two years and a half, she learned almost everything there is to know about international studies.


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  • I don’t know what you have done but in the last month I cannot watch RAI Tv live streams.
    I tried everything but I always get the message “Video not available outside Italy”
    Can you please fix it.

    • Hi George,
      I’m sorry you encountered this problem. Since this is a technical issue, I advise you to contact our Support team here or create a ticket. They will be more than happy to help you out.
      Really hope you’ll enjoy our service. Thanks for reaching out and feel free to contact us again for any problem! Cheers!

  • Dear Dana,

    I subscribe to Cyberghost, live in Belgium and was hoping to access the BBC when in Belgium by registering my website access through a UK location. The BBC appears to see right through this circumvention and does not allow me access notwithstanding Cyberghost.
    yours sincerely

    • Hello Thierry,
      Unfortunately, at the moment, CyberGhost cannot be used to unblock BBC, but we are currently working on adding this streaming channel to our Unlock Streaming profile. So we hope you’ll soon get to watch BBC as well with the help of CyberGhost. Until then, you can access all the other streaming channels you see on the list, such as CBS, NBC, FOX and others.
      Thanks for being a Ghostie and we hope you enjoy using our app. Have a nice day!

    • Hi Ian,
      This may be a technical problem, so please contact our friendly colleagues from Support team. You can also create a ticket and I’m sure you’ll get an answer for this problem. Best of luck and have a great day!

  • I have a CG Premium account which I am currently using for my laptop.Can I use this premium service for my smart TV instead.Thank you

    • Hi Patrice,
      CyberGhost VPN works on several devices including smart TV, with the condition that the TV has the suitable settings for a VPN configuration. You can find more details on our Support page here:
      But you can always contact our colleagues from Support team and they will guide you through.
      In addition, if you have a Premium account, you can use CyberGhost on up to 5 devices at once; so you can still use the VPN on your laptop+add the VPN on other devices as well, including your phone, router, etc.
      Thanks for reaching out and you can always drop as a line for any other questions. Have a nice day!

  • Buna Danutza!
    Ma bucuram ca in sfarsit o sa gasesc si eu un stream deblocat pentru Sky F1 Uk la voi ( dar ce sa vezi: nu merge! Facem si noi ceva sa mearga? Nu de alta dar am dat si noi un ban ca sa ne facem abonament dar nu putem beneficia de facilitatile programului …

    • Buna Chris,
      Multumim ca ne-ai contactat. Iti inteleg frustrarea, dar pentru ca este o problema tehnica, te rog contacteaza colegii nostri de la Support sau creeaza un ticket aici si explica in detaliu eroarea care iti apare. Iti vor raspunde si te vor ajuta cu siguranta.
      Multumesc. O zi buna!

    • Hey Phil,
      If you refer to the UnlockStreaming profile that is available for other devices, our technical team is constantly working on improving the CyberGhost VPN app for Mac. In the future, you will see a new and improved version of CyberGhost for Macbook, but we can’t say exactly when.
      Until then, you can still unlock streaming channels if you simply choose your location and a server from that location and then connect to a streaming channel from that same country (for instance choose the a location and a U.S. server if you want to unlock streaming services from USA). You can find out more details about defining CyberGhost servers for Mac here.
      If you encounter any technical issues, just contact our Support team.
      Thanks for your feedback and we hope you will continue to enjoy being a Ghostie. Cheers!

  • Great! CG is my favorite VPN, however i hope CG adds servers from Mexico again like it had 1 year ago. It’s the closest location for me and sometimes i need it.

    • Hi Lao,
      Indeed, in the past, we had servers in Mexico, but there were either technical issues (such as bad infrastructure, not suitable for our servers to work properly) or didn’t find a trustworthy partner; that is probably why our dedicated-servers team decided to remove servers from the country. However, we are currently working on this matter and we mihgt have servers in Mexico again in the future.
      We’ll make sure to send your feedback to our technical team. Until then, we hope you’ll continue using CyberGhost VPN and we hope that we’ll be able to meet your requirements very soon.
      Have a great day!

  • I have a CyberGhost VPN Premium account which I am currently using for my Desktop & other. Can you increase use this premium service for upto 10 Devices. Thank you for awesome service.

    • Hello Amitabh,
      For now, as you probably know, our Premium service offers only simultanous connection on up to 5 devices at once. In the future, if we have more requests from our users to increase the number of devices, we will probably do that and make sure to announce our subscribers about it.
      Thank you for being a Ghostie and we hope you will continue to enjoy our services. Cheers!

    • Hey Lenny,
      If you refer to changing IPs frequently so you can simulate you’re browsing from different locations (countries) when doing surveys, the answer is yes: CyberGhost VPN helps you in that matter. When you connect to CyberGhost, your IP will be changed and you can choose the exact location and server via the Choose My Server profile. You can find out more details here and you can also test if your IP was changed.
      For any technical issues, you can always contact our colleagues from Support.
      Hope this answers your question and if there is anything else you want us to clarify, let us know.
      Have a lovely day!

  • The big change I’ve noticed is all the persistent advertising cookies my antivirus/anti-malware programs pick up and deletes multiple times a day.

  • hello

    Thanks for the work going on in the background, it is very good to see that CG are not one of the many complacent companies who sit on their hands when they think they have a perfect product. All is running well for me know however I did have slow server issues earlier in November. Customer services were excellent in giving me very useful help and advice in sorting out my query. To conclude I am very pleased with the product and the company delivering it.

    Thank You


    • Hi AI,
      We appreciate the kind words and we’re very happy you’re a Ghostie and enjoy our product. The whole team is continually working and comes up with the best solutions to provide users the best VPN service possible.
      Thanks again! Have a great day!

  • Happy to see that you finally added Portugal to your server list. However, the client does not show any server in Portugal. What happened?

    • Hi Pedro,

      You might have encountered some troubleshoot issues or there may have been some technical issues with the servers from our part. I’m sure they were fixed by now. Here is a useful link where you can find some details about server connection issues.
      However, you can always contact our Support team and check with them. Our colleagues are always happy to help our users with any problem. You can also create a ticket here.
      Good luck and have a nice day!

  • Hi, Cg is a great VPN client. One of the best and well worth his price. I would like to have servers in mexico if that is possible. My wife is Mexican and we live in The Netherlands. Thanks in advance!

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Rudy,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. For the moment, we don’t have servers in Mexico, but our technical team is looking into it, since this was a request that came from several users. If they will find the proper quality and security conditions, we might have servers there as well and pretty soon.
      We’ll make sure to keep everyone posted about it if and when that happens.
      Until then, we hope you’ll continue enjoying our VPN service.
      Have a nice day!

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