How your IP keeps you exposed online

An IP (short for Internet Protocol) address is a unique string of numbers assigned to your device when you connect it to the Internet. To put it plainly, an IP address is very similar to a physical address, just that it identifies you online, not offline.

This IP address is kept by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) until you disconnect from the Internet. Some ISPs may assign you with the same IP for months or even years, thus rendering you very easily identifiable online.

So here are 4 reasons why you should hide your IP (a.k.a. your online identity) in 2017 and not let others sneak a peek into your private life:

  1. Just last year, in Great Britain, the Investigatory Powers Act a.k.a the Snoopers’ Charter was passed into law.
  2. In March, the US Senate has enabled Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell their users’ most private data – their web browsing activities.
  3. The huge increase in smartphone use and the growing demand for free public WiFi networks, which are incredibly easy to hack, leaving our most important data (such as credit card credentials) exposed.
  4. On top of this, people have decided to spend large amounts of money on gadgets that can record everything they do around them, just check the latest WikiLeaks revelations.

Basically, in 2017, it is becoming legal for the government and ISPs to spy on people around the world.

That is why more and more people should consider using IP-hiding tools such as VPNs (a.k.a Virtual Private Network or, simply put, an app which renders you anonymous online).


But how does a VPN hide my IP & where do I get one?

A VPN such as CyberGhost is the best way to keep your personal data private and protected.

But let’s get back to how a VPN works. The IP address assigned to you by your ISP is replaced with one from CyberGhost, which you will share with many other users, so it will be impossible to be associated with you. Your real IP address, the one from your Internet provider, remains hidden and the pages you access only register the IP address we assign you.

Furthermore, thanks to the CyberGhost encryption, the ISP only knows that you connect to a VPN server, but it cannot inspect the traffic (content) itself. You become anonymous. You become untraceable.


3 more reasons to become a VPN user

A VPN is not only an app meant to give you invisibility superpowers online. Here 5 more advantages in favor of using CyberGhost:

  1. You get to access restricted online content that is unavailable in your country of residence. A Premium CyberGhost subscription enables you to choose the country you wish to surf the web from.
  2. You can save money on flight tickets when searching for airfare online – travel companies use your location to determine the price estimate you are given for your tickets. CyberGhost Premium allows you to shop online from a different location and get better flight ticket prices.
  3. It enables you to save money while shopping online on Amazon, Microsoft, iTunes, Adobe etc. – we are charged different amounts of money for identical products. Save money by choosing your exact server location and country with CyberGhost Premium.

Get access to all these benefits and more with a Premium CyberGhost subscription.

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Corina Dobre

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