Ghostie’s Weekly Digest: Yet another social media shutdown in Turkey and more

The privacy front continues to witness numerous battles these days, with no potential winners emerging any time soon.

Just when we thought that things were going in the right direction, a new app emerges to pry into our personal lives or another country ruthlessly limits its inhabitants’ Internet access.

Here is the most important online privacy news of the week, put together by the freedom fighters at CyberGhost VPN:


Turkey blocks access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp

Turkey did it again. The TurkeyBlocks monitoring network has detected restrictions on access to multiple social media services Facebook, Twitter and YouTube throughout Turkey beginning Friday Nov 04 2016 1:20AM local time, ongoing as of Friday mid-morning. This is potentially related to the detention of multiple leaders of opposition political party HDP.

If you are from Turkey (or from any other privacy-challenged country for that matter) and would like to unblock your favorite social media channels, you can download CyberGhost for free, on your preferred device or OS, from here.

When sharing isn’t caring: WhatsApp asked by European regulators to pause sharing user data with Facebook

WhatsApp has been warned by the pan-European privacy watchdogs “Article 29” over its sharing of information with Facebook and asked to pause the transfer of personal data.

The data protection authorities also wrote to Yahoo over its massive data breach. Get the full story here.

Germany recently ordered Facebook to stop collecting WhatsApp user data.

Iceland’s Pirate Party triples Parliament seats

The anti-establishment Pirate Party, which was founded in Iceland in 2012, calls for more political transparency and accountability, free health care, closing tax loopholes and more protection of citizens’ data.

The party won support from many in the wake of Iceland’s 2008 financial crisis and the Panama Papers’ revelations earlier this year.

Get more info on the topic here.

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Facial recognition can apparently be tricked with set of funky glasses

A team of researchers from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University have created sets of eyeglasses that can prevent wearers from being identified by facial recognition systems, or even fool the technology into identifying them as completely unrelated individuals.

The attack works by taking advantage of differences in how humans and computers understand faces.

Learn more from this article.

South Eastern European entrepreneurship event designates winning startups

We often find ourselves wondering about the future of technology and the next platform we’ll need to communicate and protect our privacy on.

That is why we supported the the 6th edition of How to Web. The event reunited some of the most important tech startups in South Eastern Europe, all competing for $30K+ worth of funding.

The 4 winners that gave us a sneak peek into the future are:

  • The Newsroom  helps publishers deliver a faster, personalised and more meaningful digital experience using real-time auctioning of content assets.
  • Enty is a medical device used for tracking the balance of the internal ear & for checking the spine posture.
  • LiveMon is an all-in-one monitoring solution that provides actionable insights to identify and eliminate incoming threats before impacting a company’s services.
  • MRise was awarded by CyberGhost for the best story offered. The startup develops an embedded device which integrates your motorcycle to IOT in order to increase your safety while riding by implementing an accident notification system and also a smart alarm.

Read more on the topic here.

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