Ghostie’s Weekly Digest: FCC’s final vote on net neutrality, Bitcoins under attack and new iOS vulnerability

It’s the holiday season and it seems, hackers enjoy it just as much as everybody else. A lot has happened in the cyber security world over the past week and some of the news are important and could have an impact on all of us.

Find out more below:

  1. Facebook and PayPal – vulnerable in front of 19-year old Robot RSA attack

A 19-year old vulnerability has come back and now hits some of the most popular websites, including Facebook and PayPal. The attack allows hackers to decipher encrypted data by providing “yes” or “no” answers until finally revealing private information. Read more about the news.

  1. Around 1 million passwords leaked on the dark web

Security firm 4iQ discovered another large breach that was released on the dark web and on Torrent as well. The breach covers a big database organized and indexed alphabetically that includes usernames and passwords for popular websites, including Bitcoin and Dogecoin wallets. Security specialists warn on the still common habit of users who use the same password on various different platforms.

Find out more details about this data breach.

  1. Fake pro-FCC comments exposed before the final vote on December 14th

Over the last week, pro net neutrality moves have covered the online media and they included several types of media outlets apart from digital activists.

Net neutrality was quite a hot topic since yesterday, the FCC officially voted for its dismantling. Right before the final vote, several journalists have exposed FCC’S fraudulent scheme made, in order to show the world how many people agree with their decision. Only, apparently, many of those in favor to put an end to net neutrality turned out to be the identities of dead people.

While this is not an innovative technique in politics, it still makes you quiver, doesn’t it?

Check out information on the fake net neutrality comments.

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  1. Bitcoins were the target of a grand phishing attack

As the price of Bitcoins surged at the end of last week, hackers seized this opportunity to carry out a phishing scam. CheckPhish online resource discovered five domains targeting the Blockchain wallet service were attacked via a trading bot application.

More about the Bitcoin wallet vulnerability.

  1. Google reveals an iOS vulnerability that could be exploited by jailbreakers

Google exposed a vulnerability in Apple’s recent iOS 11.2 update, which lead to quite a big fuss among jailbreakers (hackers that usually hack iPhones). It seems that KRACK wasn’t the only reason for the iOS 11.2 patches. More on Google’s reasons to reveal this exploit.

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