We’re ending the FREE version of CyberGhost VPN because #PrivacyMatters even more now

ending free version cyberghost vpn

[Update, November 22, 1PM EST] The free version of CyberGhost has been officially ended. As an alternative, you can add our free extensions to your Chrome and Firefox browser.

Read the full blogpost below for more details.


If there ever was a time to care about your privacy (enough to do something about it), it’s now.

We could give you 4.5 billion reasons why (this is how many data records were compromised in the first half of 2018 alone), but you probably don’t need them.

What you need is someone to support you in the fight for your fundamental right to privacy. Making an impact takes focus and crucial decisions. And this is what we want to share today.

Giving your privacy a future

Privacy is at a tipping point.

What happens next will fundamentally shape how data is collected, handled, and used (for us or against us). These decisions involve governments, regulators, tech companies, NGOs and all of us, no matter which side of the fence we’re on.

Our mission at CyberGhost VPN is to build the right tools for you, so your privacy can have a future.

We’re making an important change by discontinuing the free version of CyberGhost VPN on November 22, 2018. You should know a lot of thought went into it.

Unifying our products into a single offering – a premium, paid VPN – enables us to stay true to our mission. And remember: you are not a product, and you should never allow anyone to treat you as such.

We’re in it for the long run

When you click the Connect button in your CyberGhost app, the internet becomes a safer, more open place. A place closer to Tim Berners Lee’s original vision for the www. A place that shapes knowledge, opinions, and lives.

Every day, we turn more than 20 million people from all over the world digitally invisible. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. This is why we strongly believe that privacy is worth fighting for and paying for.

As a team, as a company, we’ve never compromised on quality or security, no matter if you used the free or paid version of CyberGhost VPN. We never collected your data because you’re NOT a product. You’re one of us and we’re together in this battle for keeping our right to privacy and anonymity.

However, in recent years, some free VPNs have negatively influenced the general feeling about VPN services. They breached their users’ trust by collecting and selling their data to advertisers. They promised privacy even though they lacked the robust security features required to ensure it. They proved to be unreliable through their lack of transparency.

We choose to operate differently.

The CyberGhost VPN team is in it for the long run. We aim to build a lasting business and the safe, strong VPN you’ll need in the next few years, as threats to your privacy mutate and multiply.

Advancements in machine learning will allow technologies to learn more about you than you can realize now. Talking bots will become capable of faking your voice and generating video feeds with your facial expressions. And your preferences, actions, feelings, and thoughts are already used to train AI-enabled systems.

The future comes with privacy challenges. Therefore, we’re dedicated to building the tools you need to protect your data and identity online. And to equip you with educational resources useful offline too.

How we’ll keep privacy accessible

We built CyberGhost VPN with constant feedback from the community and we plan to keep that going.

Our team, our Transparency Report and our fierce dedication to a NO-LOGS policy – these are just some of our ways of constantly earning and confirming your trust in us. We don’t ever want to break it.

Ending the free version of CyberGhost VPN and focusing exclusively on the paid version is what we need to do to build remarkable privacy tool for extraordinary times.

But we’re not the ones to leave you stranded. We’re painfully aware that privacy issues are even more prevalent in countries where VPNs are not as accessible, price-wise.

This is why we’re keeping our browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox free. Because they’re built on blockchain technology, they also work in countries where even some free VPNs don’t.

What’s more, we will continue to support NGOs, journalists, bloggers and privacy advocates around the world by providing them with premium CyberGhost VPN licenses they can use to protect their sources and keep fighting for the truth, equality and other values we hold dear.

What you can expect from us in the following months

On November 22, 2018, the free version of CyberGhost VPN will be discontinued. If you’ve been using it, you’ll have to choose between:

  • Upgrading to the paid version
  • Protecting your privacy with our free browser extensions.

The CyberGhost users who are already on the premium plan can go on using the service as usual and enjoy what’s coming next.

In the background, we’re working on some critical aspects like:

  • Massively upgrading our infrastructure (more servers, faster speeds, more locations and so on)
  • Adding new streaming channels so you can experience a borderless web, as it was designed to be
  • Making it easier for you to boost your privacy across devices: you can now use your CyberGhost subscription on up to 7 devices at the same time
  • Launching a new generation of products, dubbed CyberGhost 7, for all your devices (and new ones as well)
  • Building and sharing educational content to help you make the best choices for your privacy (we all need this now more than ever).

We imagine you’ll have questions, so our support team is here to answer them, 24/7, via live chat on the website or via email, in 12 hours tops. No bots, just lovely humans ready to help you.

Ready to join the Ghostie family?

If you’re committed to your privacy and are ready to make your relationship with data protection work, look around to find the best fit for your needs.


  • We’re discontinuing the free version of CyberGhost VPN on November 22, 2018.
  • Affected users will have to choose between buying a plan or using our free browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • We believe that #PrivacyMatters and that it’s worth paying for, now more than ever.
  • We’re in the battle for your privacy for the long run.

About the author

Andra Zaharia
Andra Zaharia

Andra lives by one simple rule: practice what you preach.

She’s dedicated to helping people realize the importance of data privacy and security and act on it.

As a ghostie, Andra works to make things simpler and more effective when it comes to all things content and PR. Her go-to approach is transparent and value-driven communication.

Plus, she’s a huge book geek and an even bigger cat lover.


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  • Dear Andra, all nice words, but you are too expensive against competitors.
    Over this, your service is not so good (performance-wise)
    Over this, what you call “filtering” kills many web-app, and mostly you are forced to switch it off
    Over this, your price raised widely and constantly from your beginnings, without any benefit for your clients. I remember I was used to pay you 25$/year, now your best “offer” is more expensive.
    Over this, I’m really sick about all your fake offer system, keeping on claiming how much I will save.

    I really wonder if you’re going to keep my genuine comment in the comment list

    • We really understand your perspective, Ghostie, and we welcome any kind of feedback. It’s what has always helped us grow.

      As with any service, there are imperfections and we do work on them every day. Our server network, for example, has more than doubled in size since the last year, and we’re getting ready to launch brand-new apps for all your devices.

      There’s a lot going on in the background that may not be apparent but, naturally, you should always choose the best solution for you, no matter what that is. The fact that you’re already focused on protecting your privacy makes a difference.

  • Before the announcement to end the free version, you could upgrade for $99 for 3 years. That is $33/year. Not the cost is $63/year. What gives? Users should still be allowed to upgrade at the previous price. Seems like we are getting ripped off.

    • Hi Ghostie!

      We understand your concerns regarding the new pricing but don’t worry, we won’t leave you stranded!

      Keep an eye on the website in the next two months. We promise that you’ll find the right fit for your budget.

  • My Cyberghost account will run till the end of this year. But after six years I will end my Cyberghost membership.
    Like One Simple User said, price and service quality (speed and availability of your server) doesn’t match anymore. There are competitors with a better price and service. But this is not the main point for me to end my Cyberghost membership. The last drop was the sell of Cyberghost to Crossrider, a company listed in London from Israel. How can you trust a company with roots in two countries with the most spying goverments and intelligence services ?

    • Hi Andy,

      We’re sorry you feel this way, but, as internet and software users ourselves, we understand your concerns. This is why we’re getting ready to publish our most recent Transparency Report, so you can have the full context of what’s been going on in the past year. Until we update the website, you can read it here: https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/download/press/transparency/%5BEN%5DCyberGhost_s_Yearly_Transparency_Report_2015_2017.pdf

      What’s more, you should know that CyberGhost is governed by the Romanian law which ensures that our no logs policy remains untouched, along with all the other security provisions we put in place when CyberGhost was founded.

        • Hi Keiren,

          I just fished your comment from the spam section (no idea why it got caught in there).

          The answer to your question is yes. What I hope you’ll take into consideration is that CyberGhost is operated under Romanian laws and our efforts constantly go into keeping things transparent for all our users.

          • We’re charging you because we care about your privacy.

            Yeah, right. You’re just too expensive compared to your competitors, or I would have paid for it a long time ago.

            Oh well. Time to delete CyberGhost and use the other free VPNs that are just as good.

            Also just discovered you’re an Israeli company. Cold day in hell before I give you any money as, until Israel starts treating Palestinians like human beings, there is not an Israeli company on the planet that will get a cent from me. Sorry.

  • Please offer a less expensive access! I always thought to pay something to have a little bit better conditions, but more than $60 per year is to much …

  • I’m not buying this! Sorry, way too expensive… – So, after years of using sometimes the paid, other times the free version, I#m going to say “Good-bye & good luck to you in your efforts of finding new Ghosties”.

    • Sorry to see you part ways with us, Ghostie, but we respect your choice, as always.

      You might see some great offers coming up soon, so, if you’re willing to give us a chance, make sure to sneak a peek at our website in a few weeks.

      Thank you for your honest feedback!

  • Sorry, I’m not buying this! After years of using Cyberghost VPN, sometimes the paid, sometimes the free versions, I shall sadly turn my back on you.
    Your service is simply way too expensive nowadays! You’ve increased prices multiple times over the last years to a level I#m no longer willing to support.
    So, in November I shall say “good-bye & good luck” in your efforts of staying ahead of the competition and in raking in even more money through this fundamental change of your marketing strategy.

  • I still hope there will be other countries for the servers in the extension for Chrome and Firefox
    Germania, States, nederlands , it’s sometimes poor.
    Think about European Union (France, Belgium, Spain, Italya…)

    • We’ll do our best to make these extensions as easy to use as possible. Thank you for the feedback and keep it coming!

  • First of all: Good luck with the renewal of Cyberghost and hopefully it all works out.
    Second after reading all the latest comments by Pilum/any2010 etc. , i can say one thing: “What are buch of sore losers with those comments cause it shows that those are ‘ghosties’ one doesn’t need as a client so…gooodbye and don’t forget to close the doo behind you.”
    Third: I myself have been a member since the early days of Cyberghost (5-6-7? years ago) and didn’t become a member only for the cheapness , but for price-quality. And compared to other VPN providers like North and so on, who are mostly for pure commercial reasons always promoted (you need to have this, you need to…riiiigt) , Cyberghost in the end is still a great deal for your money and what you get in quality- vs price compared to those other VPN’s.
    Fourth: Did one become a member of a VNP service like Cyberghost, to run away if the competition lowers it prices a little bit , and for you as a customer to run away towards them the minute it happens or did you become a member to have a good price-quality deal and insurance everything is working like you expected wich includes also helpdesk services. Well… Cyberghost always gave me as whole my moneys worth, so i am sticking with them.

    • We truly appreciate your trust and support, RD!

      You can bet that we’ll do our best every single day to live up to your expectations and even to exceed them as often as we can.

      As you emphasized, privacy is a complex issue and our goal is to make it as simple and robust as possible for you. We’re here to stay.

  • Hey 😀

    thank you for the support for the last years ago.. but I miss the alternative methods to Cyber Ghost.. Are there some recommendations????

    Thank you.


  • Privacy isn’t the only reason people opt for a VPN. That’s probably only the case in the so called western countries. In many, mostly poorer, countries VPN services are vital for unrestricted access to the internet. I live in one of those countries. In previous years I have paid for CyberGhost on and off whenever there were good deals and used the free service in between. Simple reason I chose Cyberghost is quality. Tried dozens of VPN services and for me Cyberghost proved to be the most stable. Added bonus are the Dutch servers. Being originally from the Netherlands that allowed be to watch Dutch tv.
    I will wait to see if there will be a good subscription deal. But I’m in a luxury position, for a lot of my friends here and in surrounding countries the current price is in some cases equal to a months rent. Most people cannot afford that.
    I’m not complaining. Things change, any company has the right to follow the path they feel is best. Just felt it’s unfortunate that privacy is seen as more important then unrestricted access to internet in places of government censorship.

    • Hi Vincent!

      We hear you and your perspective is completely justified (and very balanced).

      In order to support those who not only seek but really need privacy protection, we created and improved our browser extensions, and we’ll also run campaigns that aim to help users with smaller budgets afford a premium VPN and make good use of its features.

      What’s more, our goal for the next year is to increase our efforts aimed at empowering users through privacy and security-related education. On that note, you can expect a lot more from us on this topic.

  • I would be happy to pay if I could do it on a monthly basis. I cannot afford a years worth at a time. If you give people the option to pay monthly, I think you will improve your sales.

  • In my second day of a 7 day trial I’m impressed with the connection speeds and server selections of CyberGhost. I have read about and tried many VPNs lately and believe yours is one of the best. I agree that many if not most of the so called free VPN services are sketchy at best. I have been subscribing to a good VPN service for a couple years that is due to expire soon. I may switch to CyberGhost, depending on how the rest of my trial with you goes and what price you will offer at the end of it. Thanks for the free 7 day trial.

  • too bad.. been using this for around 3 years been very satisfied with the service too hehe but i guess it’s time to find a new vpn then, thanks for the very enjoyable 3 years haha,

    • Hi Ghostie!

      We appreciate you’ve been with us for all this time and hope you’ll reconsider. No matter what you’ll choose, you’ll always be a Ghostie for us!

  • Точнее хотел спросить страница на русском имеется?
    Через переводчика (yandex) не всё понятно, да, и не удобно читать.

    • Hi there!

      Sorry, we don’t have a Russian version for this article. Maybe Bing Microsoft Translator will provide better results, if it works on your end.

  • Hello Andra. I speaking for myself like you’re product. It is some what expensive though. I live on a Fixed income & do my Best to manage my life. I’m not sure if I’ll renew my subscription come December. But I do recommend you’re product to other people. From a Man who lives in America.

    • Hi Greg,

      We know that the new prices will raise some concerns, but what I can recommend is you keep an eye on the website until the end of the year. You might be surprised to find something that fits your budget as well.

      We appreciate you recommending us and trusting us with your privacy!

  • I replied to Andra re Cyberghost selling to Crossrider, a company listed in London from Israel. I have been on and off using Cyber Ghost for several years. I asked a simple question; is Crossrider an Israeli Company ?
    I have received no reply which makes me suspicious !
    Can you explain exactly the situation, is it Israeli ?

  • The current price offering of $2.75/month for 1 year is competitive with some other VPN services and extending it for 3 years (as has been offered in the past) would be an offer definitely worth considering, but unfortunately funds are a little tight right now. Perhaps, in the near future and ahead of the competition for Black Friday, CyberGhost could make this offer available again or perhaps even sweeten it a little better (sub $2/month for 3 years would be ideal)?

    Regardless, it was both enjoyable and convenient using your “free” service and would like to thank you for the total experience.


  • The issue here are poor payment methods.

    Cyberghost is the program for the ones who want to be annonymous, at least to the highest possible degree. And what are available payment options (at least in Poland): paying via credit card, bitcoin, paypal. Paying via credit card is like leaving fingerprint.
    I know that you say my data is safe with you, but it’s not enough for me and I assume that you understand this point of view considering the fact you manage VPN program.

    I can assume that to pay via Bitcoin you also need to open some account and provide your cell phone (=your personnal data) or other personnal data. I do not use paypal anymore (check why on http://www.paypalsucks.com/), but as far as I remember, it is not fully annonymous too.
    To sum it up, there is no annonymous payment options (at least in my country).

    There should be at least possiblity to pay via postal order on post office or to generate some code on the website (with transaction number) and be provided with your bank account details, so one can pay how they want.

    • Duly noted, Adam!

      We’ll consider this when adding new payment methods, to ensure that you can purchase CyberGhost in complete privacy and security.

  • I am user of long time ago of cyberghost, i was premium at the start for 1 – 2 years after that countinued as free user. Probablly will stop using it… i was loving it, but the price are too expensive nowdays. I would not pay so much money, so bye,bye cyberghost :/

  • I never had a free trial and early this year I paid for a seven yer extension of my paid subscription. What is happening. Tom

    • Hi Thomas!

      This is not about the trial, but about the free version. As we mentioned, CyberGhost will continue to work as it has done so far for paying subscribers, getting better by the day in aspects such as server variety, speed, and performance. Your renewal is not impacted by this in any way at all.

  • I’ve been using your service for about a year now, and haven’t had any complaints. I’m sad to hear that you will no longer be offering the free service. I was going to purchase your paid subscription until I found out how much cheaper NordVPN is. Why are you guys charging almost double? It can’t be for better protection. As NordVPN has gotten a 5 star rating from every respectable reviewer. Can you please explain your pricing decisions to me? I really would like to stay a customer but I can’t justify paying so much more for the same protection services as one of your competitors.

  • I would like to congratulate you on keeping this blog so well updated. So much useful information, in such a timely manner, I can hardly keep up! I’m a slow reader by the way so it’s great that you only post once every few months… 😐
    I once spoke to support and they mentioned something about a content hub and that a new team was brought in just for this… best joke ever 🙂 just like the new CyberGhost app btw and the killing of the free version!
    I guess all good things come to an end, so congrats on being the ones responsible for killing a once great project.
    Should we contact you for other projects we might want to kill?

  • I missed the lifetime subscription offer in June and since then I can’t find any lifetime offers for your service.
    Are you going to be offering lifetime subscription any time soon?
    Annual payment is not really an option for me.

    • Hi there!

      We really appreciate your interest, but we’re not planning on running a similar offer soon. Have you checked our current Halloween offer? Maybe that’s something to get you closer to your needs.

  • lol, so to fulfill your mission which is to make privacy first, you are… making it inaccessible to people who can’t afford it?

    That’s great argumentation right there, makes a ton of sense… who’s the marketing genius behind this?

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