CyberGhost5 is now available in 5 additional languages

We are proud to announce that we have a major update: CyberGhost5 is now available in
5 additional languages: French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Polish. If you want to use the updated version of CyberGhost5 all you have to do is restart CyberGhost in order to install the new version


Here are all the updates included in the new version:

– Added additional anonymization tests, to make sure, the VPN connection is correctly established and all internet traffic being routed through the VPN connection

– Added a new SecureConnect method which allows only communication over the virtual networkcard and blocks everything else

– GUI is now scalable which allows the user to choose the size of the main window

– Optimized memory usage when using Privacy Control

– Fixed Privacy Control to allow connections to localhost while active

– The function “repair virtual network card” now resets also the TCP/IP stack

– Added an “install beta versions” option within the Settings

– Added an option to use a random port while connecting to a VPN server

– Added an option to use TCP instead of UDP communication to the VPN server

– An added exception will now also bypass the Privacy Control

– Improved loading performance

– Added a peer 2 peer warning window for US servers, describing that any peer 2 peer traffic is blocked on that server

If you have other ideas for updates, feel free to share them with us 🙂 .



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CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea
CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea


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