CyberGhost VPN just turned 7! But we have a million reasons to be grateful for

This month, CyberGhost VPN reaches a major milestone: 7 years of fighting for digital freedom! The entire CyberGhost team has been truly enjoying the ride.  

Because we take your privacy seriously, we’ve been working hard (and making the most of it) to make sure CyberGhost gets better and better and that it works perfectly for every single need you may have.  

Don’t worry! We still had time to make jokes around the office, save stray kittens, hold ping-pong tournaments, eat and sleep… Ok, not as much sleep when there was a team party for every occasion that deserved to be celebrated.  

We’ve already enjoyed the annual cake and champagne, but most importantly: we want to thank YOU! All Ghosties out there, from every corner of the world, thank you for putting your trust in us and for deciding to browse anonymously with CyberGhost VPN by your side. 

We appreciate you stood by us to protect your most valuable and prized data.  

We promise to keep up the good work and raise to your expectations when it comes to digital privacy and protection. 

Where we are today…. 

As a privacy service company, we continued to grow and become stronger.  

Off to a great start back in 2011, with just: 

  • 67 servers
  • 67,000 users
  • 6 employees in Romania, our HQ since day one 

Today, we have reached over: 

  • 2,600 servers
  • 20 million users
  • 90 employees in 4 countries  

CyberGhost is constantly evolving and adapting to market conditions as well as adjusting to your habits and needs. That is why, in the past year, we: 

  • Added over 1,200 new servers and extended our server locations
  • Expanded our customer support team to answer your questions live, 24/7
  • Made our support service available in 4 different languages (English, German, French and Romanian) 
  • Shaped our app into a more flexible solution: upgrade from 5 to 7 devices protection at once 
  • Added new streaming channels
  • Introduced new security protocols: IKEv2 si L2TP (available on Windows and iOS apps so far)
  • Launched a new generation of CyberGhost apps, starting with a new version for the iOS app (more to come later this year!) 
  • Moved into a bigger and nicer office that captures the Ghostie spirit 

And there is more to come! 

We are all so happy to look back and celebrate these accomplishments.  

However, our values and approach remained firmly in place. Our aim is to secure your digital lifestyle and help you become free online. This is our mission and it will stay that way.  

Enough bragging! Maybe you want to hear more from Ghosties everywhere. 

We recently reached 1000 reviews on TrustPilot, an independent reviews platform where you can share your thoughts. 

We can’t wait to do this again next year! Until then, keep it safe & secure, Ghostie!

Check out how we have fun at work and sometimes after work hours as well.

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Dana Vioreanu
Dana Vioreanu

Even though her degree is in Sociology, which technically has nothing to do with writing, all her previous jobs implied working for websites, taking care of content and writing articles.
By the way, if you’re interested in studying abroad, feel free to ask her a few pointers, because for about two years and a half, she learned almost everything there is to know about international studies.


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