CyberGhost VPN, currently blocked in Turkey

Update, July 26th:

To all Ghosties out there who are affected by the VPN ban, we have good news! You can now connect to CyberGhost VPN again!

Our professional tech team managed to roll out a solution! For the moment, the fix is only available on iOS devices.

More good news though! Pretty soon, you’ll also be able to enjoy our privacy app on Android devices as well. So, stay tuned!

Download or update the latest CyberGhost VPN version for iOS and enjoy anonymous browsing!

CyberGhost for iOS recently upgraded to version 7! Check out more details.

We regret for not finding a solution earlier. Thank you for bearing with us while we worked on this fix.

Original post from March 12th, 2018

Ghosties, both CyberGhost app and website have been blocked in Turkey since yesterday. We are currently working to fix this problem. Until this issue is solved, you can use our Chrome and Firefox browser extensions which allow you to surf the web anonymously.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on this matter!

Short history of internet censorship in Turkey

In Turkey, the government is in complete control of citizens’ access to online content and also of their level of digital privacy.

As an example, the Turkish government requires IPSs to keep the activity logs of all users for 2 years and these logs can be checked by the government at any time if they require. The web traffic is also filtered by the government and some websites are always blocked.

Over the years, internet censorship and freedom of speech have turned to be worse and worse. By 2017, Turkey hold the 155th position in the world based on freedom index.

Why is a VPN the optimal solution for internet freedom?

Many Turkish citizens have relied on VPNs in order to enjoy complete online freedom. By using CyberGhost VPN, you can hide your IP, connect to one of our numerous servers from over 50 countries and access basic websites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Plus, CyberGhost provides a secure connection and you can be sure that you’ll remain anonymous online thanks to our features, such as “Block online tracking”.

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Unfortunately, many VPNs including CyberGhost have been blocked by the government in the past.

We appreciate your feedback so far and if you are affected by this situation, please give us a comment and tell us more about it!

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Dana Vioreanu

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  • Cyberghost would not have this problems if they finally offered an obfuscation and/or stealth (mascerading) option like other VPN providers do. So please forward this suggestion to your technical employees. It is very easy to implement it.

    And sadly enough therefore, it is very easy for external parties to block vpn connections via Cyberghost, like Turkey does.

    • Hi Kevin,
      Indeed, we don’t have the stealth option integrated yet. We have forwarded your feedback to the entire technical team. They will probably work on this in the future, but we can’t provide a specific time frame.
      But when we’ll have it, we’ll make sure to notify all our users about this since it’s a very useful feature.
      Thanks for reaching out to us. Have a nice day!

    • This is not Turkey’s behavior. it is the repressive politics of the present government. I never supported them. I am a republican opposition. this government must definitely go away. those who voted for him do not understand it and do not want to understand it.

      • It is EXACTLY “Turkey’s behaviour” (sic). Turkey has always been a land of oppression throughout its history. Republicans are the predecessors of Con-Dems and Republicans (from Dictator Mustapha Kamal to the present day) are the masters of oppression.

  • not working in Turkey again. Do you have a solution for this? I just paid for the service but if it does not work, then I will cancel.

  • I connected with the support team, and they inform me that there is no solution, for now, all they can do is refund the remaining money in my subscribe
    please update your blog if there is any news on that.

    • Hi there,

      Yes, unfortunately we haven’t found a solution for unlocking the VPN service and make it available in Turkey. So yes, a refund is the only solution for you, at least for now.

      • am requesting for help because right now am in Uganda and they are planning to block all Vpnz but what else should we use to access to all social media ntewrks without paying any tax as they are doing please

        • Hi Eric,
          We just heard about this news. Unfortunately, when there is a government decision in this sense, there is not much we can do. From what I understand, this is something that will soon come into force so it didn’t occur yet.
          You have to understand that as a VPN service provider, although we don not support, nor tolerate these kind of political decisions, we cannot get pass them.
          However, our technical team is always trying to provide solutions for cases like these. We’ll keep you posted once we also find out more about it.

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