Say “Hello” to the brand new CyberGhost VPN version for iOS – your easiest route to instant privacy

After an extended, challenging but highly interesting work and team effort, we are pleased to present you the CyberGhost VPN version 7 for iOS. As a witness of a few sections of the entire process, I can tell you it was an intense and delightful experience! So glad I could be part of this story and see it all develop piece by piece!

Why the change?

First, we want to update all our apps to the same version and optimize them for better speeds and even more stability.

Second, we cater to our users’ wishes. So, we took your feedback regarding a faster connection and iPhone X full compatibility into account and we delivered.

Here’s what’s new:

Simple and clean design

The major change (which you will instantly notice) is the fresh and simpler design, meant to make the VPN connection as self-explanatory as possible. With a simple tap, you instantly pop into a completely private and protected online world. Welcome!

No longer 4 separate screens depending on your online activity.

Now, your only concern is to remember to start your VPN protection.

Best location: for an easier and faster protection

CyberGhost automatically hooks you with the most suitable server based on your geo-location. That means a faster and more stable VPN connection. You will also be able to seamlessly switch between fast and numerous global servers as often as you please.

Dedicated filter for streaming

Streaming is as easy as ever! Simply choose “Streaming” from the servers list. CyberGhost automatically creates a secure connection, since  servers are specifically optimized for streaming purposes.

Favorites list

Add specific servers and countries to a Favorites list! This feature remembers your preferences, so you can connect to favorite servers or locations faster than ever before.

Find any server you want in a second

In the main servers list, you see a Search option which helps you quickly find any server location.

From the “…” icon, you have 3 options: to

  • select a specific sever from a country
  • add that country to your favorites
  • simply connect to that country

Adjust your Wi-Fi protection

You can create your own Wi-Fi security rules, such as decide how often you want CyberGhost to protect your Wi-Fi networks.

Additionally, WiFi hotposts are now split into Secure and Unsecure, to give you even more control over your protection.

Get control over your connection

From now on, every time you have connection issues, you can inspect the problem yourself. Choose “Analyze connection issues” from the Settings menu and the app runs a test to see exact technical details.

Privacy settings stay the same only you get to enjoy them better

CG 7 for iOS automatically encrypts your connection when you access a public or private Wi-Fi.

If you haven’t tried CyberGhost on your iOS or iPad yet, you can take a 7-day free tour! For any subscription you choose, the first week is on us! Just so you can experience the feeling of being free and private online!

Expand online protection up to 7 iOS devices. Enable the safest VPN connection for your iPhone, iWatch, iPad or iPod touch!

The new version was optimized 100% for iPhone X!

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The complete pack of privacy and security settings still prevail. Meaning:

  • No logs policy unchanged
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Automatic kill switch+the rest

Important for you to know

Optimizing a VPN is always an ongoing progress. Our team will tune up and refine all features even more.

So stay tuned because you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Download CyberGhost VPN for iOS!


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Dana Vioreanu

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