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Dear friends of CyberGhost,

In 2011, I started the CyberGhost company in Bucharest, Romania, together with a small team of 7 dedicated and very enthusiastic young people who took on sales, marketing, and  administrative roles. We also had 2 developers in Germany. We only had a little bit of money in our account, but we had a bold vision: we wanted to change the way people access the internet, because we believed that privacy and security must go together. That was it. That was all we had in our humble beginnings: a good team, a great idea and a lot of enthusiasm.

Now, 6 years later, I can only  conclude that the CyberGhost story was incredibly successful: we built one of the world’s leading VPN services with 179.000 paying subscribers and more than 1.5 million active users a month. We offer this service free of charge to those who are in urgent need of privacy and we deliver amazing Premium features to our paying customer base, who – in most cases – thus show their support for our mission to bring online privacy back.

We grew from a very small team of 7 to a 7 times bigger team of 50 digital freedom enthusiasts who are right now fully dedicated to build the best VPN service out there. We still operate from our headquarters in Bucharest, Romania while the technology continues to be “Made in Germany” in our growing R&D center in Übach-Palenberg, near Aachen, Germany.

Meanwhile, online privacy has become a big thing as well. Right after the Edward Snowden revelations from 2013, people have started to become aware that online privacy is now a commodity when it should be a right that you have once you go online. So, CyberGhost came in the right place at the right time.

From there on, I knew that CyberGhost had the opportunity to build a global business and bring real value to its user base. So, we needed to take the company to the next level. This meant to be  able to recruit only the best people on the market, to move faster than we already have, in order to be able to finance the necessary growth to stay ahead of the game.

So, in the last years, I kept my eyes open for a potential partner for CyberGhost , who could help us become the number one player in the Privacy as a Service space. Because we are determined to grow better every day and increase our user base as well as the number of our employees. In these last years, I turned down offers to sell the company like the guys from HideMyAss received, or get investors in the company like the guys from Hotspotshield or Zenmate got, because none of these potential partners where the right fit for us and I couldn’t see what good this would do for our users and our team.

Finally, a couple of months ago, I met Daniel, the COO of Crossrider PLC, a London-based publicly listed company that was interested to invest in the cybersecurity space. And for the first time in a long time, a talk with a potential partner felt good, because we didn’t only talk numbers, we also discussed vision, strategy and opportunities for the future of CyberGhost VPN, its users and its team. We shared the vision of making great products that add real value to our users. Both companies also shared a similar history, only the other way around. While CyberGhost focused on privacy and security from day one, Crossrider started out as a company that distributed browser extensions and developed ad tech products. Quite the opposite of what we did.

It didn’t take  Crossrider long to realize that they didn’t have a sustainable business model and quickly changed their focus and management team to develop great B2C-products in a range of verticals with cybersecurity as the main one.

That said and because of the history of both companies, from day one, the management team of Crossrider and I share the same ideas and have the same vision for CyberGhost and that is to build a sustainable business around privacy and security.

So, from now on CyberGhost is part of the Crossrider group.

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What does this mean for you as a user? The answer is very easy: everything stays the same, only in a much better version than before. The whole management team of CyberGhost stays on board, and we will continue to grow the team that cares about development, customer-support and so on. We have the best-case scenario that a deal can have as an outcome: for you as a user, it’s a win. For our employees, it’s a win. For me personally, it’s a win. For Crossrider, it’s a win.

Now we are looking forward to conglomerate with Crossrider and go back to work. We already have great ideas for new products and services. We just launched our new Android application and already see a lot of positive feedback from you guys, our users. We will keep on improving the core service every day. Our server engineers are already working behind the scenes on the next generation of our server infrastructure OS and they are about to finalize the integration of IPV6.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Thanks for your support. We have been doing our best every day to earn it and will continue to do so every day into the future.


Robert Knapp
CEO, CyberGhost AS

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Robert Knapp, CEO
Robert Knapp, CEO


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  • wtf! wtf! i was shocked.

    is this joke? is this april fool?

    what did you do Robert? 🙁 I want to cry 🙁


    Crossrider group start logging cyberghost users

    • Hi, Bad Goyim! This is your opinion and you’re entitled to it. However, we do not support or encourage political, racial or religious comments of any nature and we do not regard them as valid arguments. Have a nice day!

  • CG caught my eye early on its history because it was 2012 when I first installed it on a Win95 machine and I’ve been a paying customer ever since.

    But now I need to find out if Crossrider PLC is “really” an Israeli company, whatever that means, because I do not purchase goods or services from Israel because I am a Jew who supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions which reject the legitimacy of the apartheid of Israel .

    • Hey David,

      Crossrider is an Israeli company with offices in the UK, Israel, Romania and few other countries. However, CyberGhost is headquartered in Romania and our software is German made. To answer your question, our service is not literally from Israel. Your comments are based on political and social beliefs, which has nothing to do with our product or using a VPN. You are entitled to have your opinions, but we do not support or encourage political, racial or religious comments of any nature and we do not regard them as valid arguments.

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