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A small era comes to an end: we are closing our beloved Forum, until further notice. We’ve worked hard and spent great deal of time to replying and moderating it. Unfortunately, the more we grow, the less time we have to answer to our forum’s threads.

We’ve even tried a different approach and set some new rules and allocated time only for moderation, expecting the community to stick together and answer threads. Unfortunately, even so, our developers had a hard time going through all the threads themselves. Besides the fact that users were not respecting the rules, they started raging when not getting immediate help. The forum is not an official support channel and users started flaming and acting really destructive. The forum has become a full time job for somebody and right now we don’t have the right person to manage it in our team.

At the moment, considering the above and seeing that our extra efforts are at the opposite pole of being appreciated, we are focusing on our product and service.

Forum Support

If you want to make a change and you’d like to actively support the community, should it get back online at some point, please let us know by writing us an e-mail ( with “Forum Support” in title.

High Five to you all!

We’d also like to thank our community members who spent a lot of time answering threads and offering support to other fellow ghosties. We’ve had much fun together and we really appreciate your commitment to our cause.

Need support?

Meanwhile, if you encounter any problem, please drop us a message at

We’re also present on social media, so you can contact us also on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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  • Bad news. It gives the impression that cyberghost has become more closed.

    You can select community moderators from the people.

  • Closing the forum without any announcement is quite unprofessional.
    Even on the Cyberghost home is no information about closing the forum.

    And to blame the customer is quite more unprofessional!!!

    • Klaus, we’ve had previous announcements to the Board regarding this overload. We’re a small team here, not a multi-million dollar company, so we’re struggling to do our best, with the resources we have. We use our blog to make fresh announcements, so thanks for following us here!
      We’ve always appreciated our customers’ feedback and we’ve improved a lot our service based on our customers’ needs and wants. We’re not pointing fingers here, we are also sad to have closed the forum. Hopefully, we’ll find the right solution for this. It’s a pity to loose all the information that was built there in all of these years, with the help of our community.
      We’ll keep you posted!

  • hi leute,
    als user des forums war und bin ich immer noch irritiert von dessen schließung. vor allem wie das vonstatten ging. ich bin der meinung das man einen anderen weg hätte finden können. es ist aber noch nicht mal versucht worden. schon mal an die kraft der allgemeinheit gedacht? zwei admins wären schon da gewesen (naja glaube ich, man hätte sie ja mal fragen können) mods hätte man auch gefunden und einen mittelsmann zwischen ‘uns’ und einem angestellten der firma zwecks daten- und fragenaustausch (die ja beantwortet werden müßen im forum) wär vllt auch gegangen. k. A. vllt wärs auch nicht gegangen. aber so, ich weiß nicht. das hinterläßt irgendwie einen faden nachgeschmack.

    … aka brainticket

  • Die Fehler haeufen sich und man hat keinen Ansprechpartner mehr.
    Man darf sich nun als Laie durch die ‘Geek-Seiten’ wuehlen.

    The forum is not an official support channel and users started flaming and acting really destructive. The forum has become a full time job for somebody and right now we don’t have the right person to manage it in our team.

    Klingt wie, die Kunden haben zuviele Fragen gestellt, also machen wird das Forum dicht. Schon einmal ueberlegt, warum soviele Fragen kamen/kommen?

    Ich mach mich schon auf die Suche nach einem anderen VPN Anbieter.
    Ich finde es ziemlich laestig und ueberhaupt nicht gut, dass in letzter Zeit zu oft die Cyberghostverbindung abbricht und ich dann wegen ‘Server voll’ nicht mehr auf den gleichen Server komme, was wichtig fuer mich ist.

  • Wird man eigentlich nach einigen Stunden zwangsgetrennt?

    Sind in den letzten Tagen weniger Server in D zur Verfuegung?

    Heute morgen waren es extrem wenige, die in D verfuegbar waren.

  • Forum abgeschaltet.

    Support per Email ist ein Witz! bzw. es ist gar kein Support vorhanden!

    Nach 5 Tagen wird meine Reklamation nur mit Gegenfragen beanwortet.

    Seitdem nichts mehr “gehoert”. Ziemliche Unfaehigkeit macht sich bei Cyberghost breit.

    Mein naechstes VPN Programm wird mit Sicherheit nicht mehr Cyberghost sein.

  • It is fair enough. Some people were taking the forum downmarket and the team’s time needs to be spent constructively for the good of all (us, basically!).

  • they disabled all free user features, i have to upgrade to premium to connect specific ip adress i want, also i cant create ticket for support… they are forcing use to upgrade… bullshit im unstilling this crap

  • Cyberghost used to be GREAT and even I purchsed it, I used the free version at times on the not much used old computer. Sadly they stopped allowing the use to choose your IP address and City in the free version from one day to another, which really sucks! It was free forever, trying to force more people to buy premium now is unprofessional and makes you seem really greedy and shabby.

    I appreciate you need to make money, but quite a few buy premium after being able to try it for free to have faster and longer lasting connections, I bought premium as I was impressed with CG. My licence will run out next month and right now, with how CG has developed over the past month I don’t think I will buy another subscription, as I am sorry but taking away the free usage as it was has been a big mistake.

    Please re-think your decision. It would be great to be able to chose the Cities and IP addresses as a feww user again. Maybe just disconnect after one hour, and not allow to reconnect for 15 minutes thereafter for free users, or something, instead of taking it away completely.


    • Hi Alec,

      We still have the best free VPN service on the market, we are always adding new servers for our free users and our main interest is to keep the free service the best in the world. Without our premium users, that pay for the additional features, there would be no free service at all. We do our best to maintain a balance between free and paid while protecting everybody’s privacy and security. Thanks a lot for using CyberGhost and for sharing your feedback with us, it’s really important for us. Cheers!

      • And for premium accounts with low speed , how can you help us or fix the problem? I have premium account for one year almost and the speed is SH*T , i get good speed for 5 h a day, the rest of the day always disconnects and start messing around with slow speed (when i say slow speed, i mean one click loads after 30-45 seconds. so u understand why i`m so upset) do we have to pay more for a normal quality speed ?

        • Hello! We are sorry for your speed issues. Please get in touch with our support team and tell them about the issue. Open a ticket here and they’ll come up with a solution. Thanks for your feedback and we apology for the late reply. Cheers

  • I am no longer era able to connect to any server on the iOS app. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    • Hello! Sorry for the late response. There was a small display issue at that time but it was solved the same day. Please let us know if you still have issues. Cheers!

    • Hi Paul! You can try CyberGhost to see for yourself that you can watch content that’s blocked in your region without issues. We have a free trial you can start anytime you want. Just go to the website and download the app!

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