CyberGhost 7.0 – one suite for all your privacy needs

After lots and lots AND LOTS of work, we’ve done it. World, meet the new CyberGhost 7.0! Now available for Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android! 🎉

This just in

With the new generation 7.0, one of our goals was to unify the CyberGhost experience across all devices. So we’ve made anonymity and data privacy hassle-free and gave it a fresh, simpler design.

But we’ve also packed even more flexibility and customization options in the hands of techies.

Here’s what’s new:

One-click VPN connections

One tap or click and BAM! That’s all it takes for your entire internet traffic to be encrypted. Congrats, you’re now a stranger on the internet.

Compact / Expanded view

CyberGhost is simple to use on the go, but sophisticated enough to secure your every connection. And the brand new design reflects the wide range of possibilities.

Smart Rules

You have the power to protect privacy on your own terms. All you have to do is assign specific triggers for different actions.
Discover your Wi-Fi protect options now but stay tuned for even more opportunities within Smart Rules with the next upgrades.

Best Location

No more guesswork for you. This useful feature connects you to the fastest server based on your location. Blink, and you’ll miss it.

Streaming servers filter

The name kinda says it all. We now have a filter showing you servers optimized for streaming content. Netflix & chill, anyone?

Downloading servers filter

Download and upload any file securely, yaaas! Choose from hundreds of servers dedicated to torrenting with no bandwidth limit.

Favorite servers, always handy

If you like a server, put a ring Fav on it. And then it will always be there, eagerly waiting for you.

45 days money-back guarantee

Surprise, surprise! We’ve updated our pricing policy. You now have more time on your hands to test CyberGhost and get your money back if you’re not happy with it.

24/7 live chat support

We’re always thinking of you, Ghostie! And now we’re available to you ALL. THE. TIME. Live chat with us or email us, and we’ll reply to you in English, German, French, and Romanian. Da, da!

But wait, there’s more.

Some things never change

We really dig upgrades, but we’re still the same at heart.

You can still count on us for:

No logs kept. Ever

Each Ghostie can continue enjoying complete anonymity while using CyberGhost.

An insane choice of servers

3.000+ in 60+ countries. And we’re always adding more. For all the details, this is the place to be.

Always safe

Whether you’re on your phone, tablet or smartwatch, it doesn’t matter. CyberGhost can keep you secure on up to 7 devices simultaneously with just one subscription.

Get the goodies

Looking for our latest, beloved version of CyberGhost?

Here are the download links:

So, whatcha think?

Let the feedback flow through you and find its way to us. We’re eager to hear how you like the new CyberGhost 7.0.

And as always, we’re always here to help you with the challenges of securing your data! ❤️

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Alexandra Bideaua
Alexandra Bideaua

Because she’s always up for producing helpful digital content and looking for ways to amplify it, Alexandra is our Content Marketer. Her attention to detail can be scary, but it grows on you.


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  • How can I get the update? Does it update automatically oder can I check for updates manually? In the FAQ I read the client checks for updates automatically every hour but it hasn’t updated until now. I’m from Germany, so do I have to wait longer for the german version?

    Greetings CG-Fan

    • Hi there!

      Depending on your operating system, you can either go to settings and find the update option (for desktop apps) or go to the App Store or Play Store to update your mobile apps.

  • Hi there
    i must admit that i’m kinda missing the App Protection feature.
    because sometimes Cyberghost crashes (just like any other software)
    or disconnects
    and app protection made sure it turned on automatically if i started certain programs…

    • Hey, Ghostie,

      You’ll be glad to know that we’re going to bring back the app protect feature in a future update. It’s on our roadmap, so keep an eye on our updates.

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