Chrome Private browsing doesn’t protect your privacy. Are we doomed?

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What? But I thought that was the whole purpose of Chrome private browsing mode, Incognito.

That’s actually what everybody thought. But it turns out Incognito mode doesn’t keep you that private after all. It’s more like a hideout from your work colleagues or family, because the ISP can still see all the websites you’ve lusciously browsed, along with your boss and government.

Did you know that your Internet Service Provider (a.k.a. ISP) can see your entire browsing history and online traffic? Unless you hide your IP and use confirmed privacy solution, you stand no chance to keep your online life private.

Wait, things get even better. Chrome informs you candidly that “Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit.”

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So what does it hide then?

Not much. Just as engineering student Evan Andersen was about to discover when he booted up his Apple computer to play a game, he was met with a porn site he had visited on incognito mode. Ups!

Even though the name is very misleading, incognito mode was not created to hide your identity from the world or from your ISP, but only to hide your internet actions from the device you’re using and the Google account you’re logged into.

If you still decide to use incognito mode, Chrome will not record your history or cookies, and it disables browser extensions. This ensure that services like Facebook or Google, that use cookies to track your online steps so they can offer you optimized ads, can’t follow you to the incognito tab. Cheers to that! But that’s it.

So should you still use it?

You can use it, but be aware of the fact that it’s far from being a complete online privacy solution. Living in a bubble is comfortable and fine, just keep in mind that if you want real online privacy, incognito mode is definitely not the tool to go for.

If you can’t trust Chrome, that who can you trust?

Different situations call for different tools, right? Usually, that’s the case. Still, a lot of people are interested in better alternatives to Chrome private browsing and there are complete online privacy solutions. One of them is CyberGhost VPN and it offers the full online protection pack, including:

  • Wifi protection in public unencrypted hotspots
  • The strongest 256-bit AES encryption whether you are browsing online, wiring money to a relative, doing the monthly online payments or when you’re having conversations you don’t want to be recorded on your device.
  • It makes sure you always have an anonymous IP, so cannot be tracked
  • It blocks cookies
  • It blocks malicious websites, so goodbye to Trojans and other worms
  • And we keep no logs, so your privacy is definitely safe with us.

If you need more info on how you can use a VPN, here is a quick guide.

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How many times have you used Chrome private browsing more?  Are you still using it? We’re really curious on your opinion.

Until next time, keep it safe and private, Ghosties!


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CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea
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  • I saw mention of 1/2 price offer but it quickly degenerated into an HTML [?] mess.
    I would avail myself of this.
    the question is;how?

  • CYBERGHOST…..This is a very good solid VPN, Runs very smoothly on my windows 7, and is amazingly fast. I like the fact that i can choose which servers to log into. I bought a one year subscription. I highly recommend this program, for online anonymity and security. I use along side, Vipre Internet Security.

    • Hello! Thanks for your feedback. We’re glad you like CyberGhost. Feel free to share your experience with your friends too. Cheers!

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