China’s VPN ban and what impact it can have on us all

These days, everybody’s talking about Russia and China and their goal to ban VPNs, since they allegedly promote illegal content. It all started with the fact that last week, Apple removed all virtual private network apps (VPNs) from the iTunes store in china.

Watch the video we created below for more information on the situation in China and what to expect in the near future:

What do we, as a VPN company, have to say on the matter?

“They’re making the lives of hundreds of millions less secure. It’s not just about privacy anymore. People used to believe it was okay to lose internet privacy because, as long as they weren’t doing anything wrong, they had nothing to fear. It’s not like that, our data tells everything about us. Without the ability to secure our data there’s no way for it to be safe.”, said Robert Knapp, CyberGhost VPN CEO, quoted by

… and just how serious are things, should we really worry?

“We’re seeing reports that people get stopped by police in the middle of the street, the police will go through their phones to confirm they don’t have a VPN installed. In Russia, they brutally enforce these laws. There’s no privacy at all. You either have privacy or you don’t, there’s no such thing as 80 percent private. Nothing is private, the FBI cannot keep a secret, we know this, so the data they have is not private. No-one, at this point, can guarantee you have privacy.”, continued Robert, quoted by the same source.

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So what’s next?

Robert believes that Russia’s censorship solution is as powerful, and dangerous as China’s. He also says Turkey, Venezuela, Iraq, and Iran are on similar paths. The internet is no longer a place where ideas are shared, he says:

“Maybe, in the 80s, but now it’s a place where maybe you can share ideas. Maybe if you don’t connect through what is essentially an intranet – colleges’ Wi-Fi blocks certain sites. Entire countries have certain sites blocked. Maybe you have access to share your idea, but probably you don’t. Probably, you only have access to certain sites, and you don’t even realize that others have been blocked.”

Read the whole piece with Robert’s take on the VPN ban in China on

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